As promised last week, here’s a small snippet of Aden and Sidonie. I don’t think either one of them are ready for this. 😀 Note that this is the unedited version from my manuscript.
“You,” he snarled, closing his fingers around the front of her jacket again, pulling her against his body and up onto her toes, holding her there as he lowered his mouth to hers. But Sid wasn’t ready to kiss and make up, so she bit his lip angrily.

“Look,” she snapped, trying without success to push him away. “I get the whole alpha male, vampire lord-of-all-he-surveys thing, okay? I kind of even like it in the bedroom. But out in the real world, you are not the boss of me. I don’t forfeit my brain just because we have sex. And I’ll do whatever I think necessary to get my story. Besides, it’s not like most of what I do is dangerous. I’m not exactly Woodward and Bernstein material. But I’m not stupid either. I don’t take unnecessary risks, and I’m careful with the risks I do take.”

Aden was eyeing her with very little expression on his face, which made it difficult to tell how he was receiving her liberated woman speech. Whatever his reaction was, however, it didn’t extend to his body which was hard and ready to fuck, and no question about it.

“Kind of like it?” he asked finally, a corner of his mouth curling upward with amusement as he focused on the one part of her speech that she’d thought he’d have no problem with. “I think I can do better than that.”


Yep, that’s my Aden. Unstoppable, one track mind.

It’s looking like a late November release, by the way. Nothing official yet, but that’s the unofficial word. I sure hope it holds.

And while we wait for ADEN, I have a couple of new books to recommend. DRIVEN and HIDDEN, two novels of the Northern Waste by Eve Silver. They’re post-apocalyptic romance with giant trucks that are both RV and transport, ice pirates, and reavers (worse than ice pirates.) There are evil overlords who chase our hero/heroines, and love triumphing over them all. I loved these books and will be checking out Silver’s other titles, even though these are the only two in the Northern Waste.

I also had a chance to read the first book of Larisa Ione’s new series, BOUND by NIGHT (The Moonbound Clan Vampires). It’s a very different take on the world of vampires, and I’ve posted a review over on MY GOODREADS PAGE.

In other news, at long last, ADRIAN PHOENIX’S ON MIDNIGHT WINGS comes out this week! Yay! We finally get to catch up with Dante and Heather and Von and Lucien and all the others! They made us wait much too long!

Okay, back to work for this writer. I finished my Cat Shifter story and have moved on to my werewolves and demons for now.

I’ll be back next week—same place, same time.


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