This page is PRIMARILY for readers to pre-order books for an upcoming conference book-signing. All of my books are available for pre-order. A list of the books and their sale price is noted below. Once you’ve paid for the books, I’ll bring them to the conference book-signing for you to pick up. You must be at the book-signing to pick them up.

You may also order signed books to be mailed to you home, from this page. BUT you’ll have to include postage, which is $6.50 for the continental U.S. (priority mail.) If you’re outside the continental U.S., let me know how many books you want and I’ll give you a quote on postage. (PS Unfortunately, it can be expensive, since the US Postal Service no longer offers ordinary first class parcel mailing anymore. It all has to go Priority.)

NOW taking pre-orders for the BOOK LOVERS CON in NASHVILLE, TN,
March 18-21, 2020.

Price List for Pre-order Books – Print only


Raphael     14.95
Jabril         14.95
Rajmund   15.95
Sophia       14.95
Duncan     14.95
Lucas        14.95
Aden         14.95
Vincent     14.95
Deception 14.95
Christian   14.95
Quinn        14.95
Lachlan     15.95


Damian 15.95
Kato      15.95
Gabriel  15.95
Dragan  15.95


Shifter Planet 20.00
Shifter Planet: The Return 18.00

1. Select which books you want, total the cost, and then check out via PayPal or credit card using the buttons below.
2. Email me at DBREYNOLDSWRITER@GMAIL.COM with the titles you’re ordering.
3. Once I receive payment, I’ll email you an order confirmation.

It’s the purchaser’s obligation to pick up the books AT MY SIGNING TABLE during the book signing at the conference. Any books that you don’t pick up will go home with me! If you subsequently want them mailed, you will be responsible for postage costs, via USPS Priority Mail.