SIDONIE’S RING – A conversation with Cyn and Kathryn


Malibu, CA

When Cyn’s land line rang, she was engrossed in an internet records search that was finally paying off, so she answered without looking. “Leighton.”

“Sidonie got a ring for Christmas,” Kathryn announced.

That piece of information trumped even the toughest internet search, and Cyn straightened in her chair.

“She called you?”

“Earlier this afternoon. I think she called Sarah, too, but Sarah’s probably locked away with Raj by now. You know how he feels about her sleeping with him. It’s a miracle that girl still has any melanin left in her body.”

“Why didn’t she call me?”

“Who, Sarah?”

“Ha, ha. Oh. My. God. You are so fucking funny,” Cyn panned. “Why didn’t Sid call me?”

“Um, let me think. Maybe because you called her boyfriend a cold bastard?”

“Well, he is! You were there, Kate. He practically accused you and me of lying about that truck bomb, or if not that, then at least of being hysterical females. He’s a chauvinist of the worst sort!”

“Not to Sid he isn’t. Yeah, I was at Lucas’s place the night we shot up that truck, but I was also there a few weeks later when Aden showed up to claim his territory with Sidonie in tow. He loves her, Cyn. She’s changed him somehow.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it.”

“Oh. My. God,” Kathryn mimicked back at her. “Talk about the pot and the kettle. Do you know how many people have told Lucas that you’ve done the same to Raphael? That you’ve brought back his humanity? Maybe that’s your problem. Maybe Aden is a little too much like Raphael.”

Cyn gasped out loud, spinning her chair around to stare at Raphael who was sitting in his big chair, reading something on his ever-present iPad and looking scrumptious as always. He looked up at her gasp and raised one eyebrow in question.

“Bite your tongue, Kathryn Hunter. There is no comparison.”

Kathryn snorted a laugh. “Lucas agrees with me, you know. And he knows Aden better than anyone.”

“La lalala,” Cyn sang loudly. “I’m not lissstening!”

Kathryn’s laugh was louder and altogether too cheerful. “Whatever. You want to see the ring or not?”

“Of course, I do. Am I female?”

“I’m texting it. The guy’s got good taste . . . in women and in rings.”

Cyn’s cell phone chimed the incoming message and she quickly pulled up the photograph. She had to admit the cold bastard had done the right thing by Sidonie. The ring was spectacular. Cyn had grown up rich, and she’d seen enough elegant jewelry in her life to know a unique piece when she saw it. And this was unique. It looked like a Harry Winston design, but modified in a way that made it one of a kind, probably specifically designed for Sidonie. At the center of the design was a rich, velvety blue sapphire of several carats that all by itself had to be worth at least into the high five figures. Add in the diamonds reminiscent of Winston’s caftan ring, and the price soared easily into six figures. Truly gorgeous.

“Why the sapphire, I wonder,” Cyn mused. “Did Sid say anything?”

“Yeah, she particularly liked that part. I guess it’s a personal thing between them. So personal that she wouldn’t say what, but she got all choked up when I asked about it, so it must be big.”

Cyn found her own eyes clogging with tears and took a moment to respond. “That’s really nice,” she said softly. “I’m happy for her, for them.”

“Aw, Cyn. Are you all choked up, too?”

“Shut up. I’m still pissed she didn’t call me herself.”

“Maybe if you’re nicer next time she will.”

“Are they getting married?”

“Fuck, no. Raj and Sarah are the only ones who went that far.”

“So, no wedding bells in your future, Katie?”

“Don’t let Lucas hear you say that. It took him months to convince me on the mating thing, and even that still gives me hives. Look, I gotta go. It’s nearly sunrise and Lucas is giving me that look. And since I like what that look means, I’m hanging up now. Later.”

“Later,” Cyn repeated, then disconnected, still staring at the picture of Sid’s ring.

“Something momentous?” Raphael said, amusement lacing the velvet rumble of his voice.

Cyn walked over and slid onto his lap, turning her cell for him to see. “Aden gave Sidonie a ring.”

Raphael studied the image. “Stunning.”

“It is. Kathryn said the sapphire had some special meaning for them. I wonder what it is.”

He only laughed, knowing her well enough to understand that the mystery would drive her nuts. Cyn threw her cell phone onto the table with a frustrated scowl. Maybe Sid would tell her if she asked nicely. Or maybe, and far more likely since Sid hadn’t even called to let her know about the ring, it would just drive her crazy forever.

Unlike poor Cyn, you, dear reader, can discover the significance of the sapphire. All you have to do is read Aden and Sid’s story in ADEN!


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