This is a hint at what Gabriel looks like. I can’t use this picture, but he’s pretty just like my Gabriel.

Busy, busy, busy. I discovered this week that I’m leaving for Europe about a week earlier than I thought. Pretty lame, yeah? I’m also coming home a week earlier, but it’s the departure date that matters. I’ve got stuff to do! I’ve been working hard on the GABRIEL revisions, but those are going well. I just love this story, so it’s a pleasure to work on it.

But then there’s the ongoing renovation. Oy. My contractor and his team are great, and everything is looking beautiful. But we’re almost ready to move on to phase 2, which means more decisions for me. My sister visited for a few days last week to help with shopping for the kitchen stuff, and my contractor and I decided on the rest. Which, I think (I HOPE) leaves only one final decision. Paint. I’ve used 26 samples in selecting paint colors so far—26 little sample cans, 26 little roller brushes, 26 stick-on sheets for the walls. ::sigh:: One room left, but it’s a big one. I can only guess how many more samples I’ll need.

While my sister was here, I persuaded her to (finally) watch the first Deadpool. She was resistant—so gruesomely violent—but she went along with it, and, of course, she loved it. What’s not to love? Next visit, we’ll be watching Deadpool 2 (the super duper cut.)

As I mentioned, I’m leaving for Europe earlier than I thought. I’ve already set up meets with several friends and readers. These include some of my oldest on-line friends, including members of my writing group. Some of them I’ve never met except on-line, so I’m very excited. I’m also excited about the trip itself. If you’d like to meet up with me, send an email. I’ll be in Porto, Portugal Sept 24-28. London, Sept 29 – Oct 1, and then I’ll be traveling all around Scotland, Oct 2 – Oct 15.

Okay, back to work. I need to finish GABRIEL’s revisions, so I can finish SHIFTER PLANET 2’s revisions, and then pack! 😀

Have a great week!


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