GABRIEL (revisions) are done! SCOTLAND here I come!

Yep, the GABRIEL revisions are done and back with my editor, who’s probably thinking, “These are the best revisions I’ve ever seen!” Ha ha. Anyway, I’ve returned to my search for the perfect Gabriel and I found this guy. Can I have him for my cover model? (No, DB, you cannot have Joe Manganiello, get serious!) ::sigh:: Back to the search.

So, I’m now (sort of gearing up for my trip to Europe. I’ve located my suitcases in the disorder of my renovation in progress and dusted them off, anyway. I’m really excited about this trip. I’ve been to Poland before (with my DH) but never Portugal. And then it’s on to England, which I’ve also visited before, along with Wales (loved it!) And I’ve been to Ireland twice, but never Scotland, even though it’s been a dream of my for a very long time. Now, FINALLY, I get to go there and spend two full weeks touring around, researching the beautiful country for my LACHLAN (the next ViA.) I’m especially looking forward to meeting with friends in London and Glasgow. It’s always a wonderful thing when I can visit another country and have tea with friends!

And how is that renovation coming, you ask? Well, this is a picture of my new office–or at least the doors and walls. It’s a wonderful space, and I love it! But this … is a picture of just SOME of the boxes of books and files I have to put away, and you can’t even see the six boxes tucked into the corners. And all those books on the shelves? They have to be moved to a new, huge, built-in bookshelf being crafted for my living room, so they’re moving, too. On the other hand, there’s this … My beautiful shifter who’s moved himself right in.

Other than that, I’ve been buried in Gabriel this week … wait, that didn’t come out right. (heh heh) But honestly, if I was awake, I was working on GABRIEL. And having read the entire book from start to finish, I still think you all are going to love it.

And now I must go visit my periodontist (eeeeek!) then back to meet my contractor, and THEN off to a session of hard work with my trainer, who’s trying to get me ready for walking all over Scotland. Gotta build that stamina.

One final note to pay respect to a true American hero. John McCain left us this week, but not before spending his life in service to his country. I didn’t agree with everything he did, but he was an honorable man whose courage and dedication were extraordinary and undeniable. R.I.P.

I hope you all have a fabulous final week of August as we move into my favorite season. Hug the people you love, and I’ll see you back here next week.


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