I was a diligent writer this week, spending all my time with Cyn and Raphael, and with the new guy, too. Because new guys all have to pay a visit to Malibu, right?

Okay, so I didn’t spend ALL my time writing. I did laundry. I know. I live a wild and crazy life. But I’ve been without a washer/dryer for like 2 months! I’m having my laundry room renovated/made larger. It was supposed to take 3 weeks. But that was before L.A.County’s building department got involved, and everything ground to a halt. Grrrrrr. I finally surrendered to the growing piles. My sister and her family very conveniently took a short vacation, so I took over her washer/dryer. It took hours, but I got it done. Now if we can just finish the damn laundry room before I need to do it again. Argh!

So, I’m kind of sad this week. It’s my birthday, and I’m missing my darling husband. He always gave me red roses for my birthday. One year, he was all the way down under, in Australia. But the roses still arrived on time. He was such a romantic. My birthday won’t be the same, ever again.

Now, I’m feeling romantic. I think I’ll go back to Cyn & Raphael, and write some more of their love story.