LUCAS’s e-book is on sale for a limited time. Only $1.99 across all the usual e-retailer platforms. Get it while you can!

Amazingly enough, SHIFTER PLANET is also part of a special Entangled promotion, July 17-30, it will be only $0.99, which is a terrific price. But only for that very short time.

I’m happy to say that I spent my weekend QA’ing ADEN’s audio book (that’s Quality Assurance, i.e., the sound equivalent of proofreading.) I was reminded of what a sexy devil Aden is. He’ll definitely be included in my next Vampire Vignettes anthology.

All the rest of last week (when I wasn’t working on ADEN) I was spending my time with Raphael and Cyn, who were taking names and kicking ass in Europe. It’s a good thing Raphael loves Malibu, or he’d conquer the world.

And finally, these two pretties arrived this week from EPIC, my two awards for CHRISTIAN and SHIFTER PLANET.

I’m going back to Raphael and Cyn now. They’re nearly back home, and happy to be there.