Hunted - 600x900x300Let’s start with this pretty new cover for HUNTED. It’s the same story, same novella, but with a gorgeous new cover. And speaking of new covers, I hope to have UNFORGIVEN and VINCENT soon. Yay!

the winners areAnd now, let’s talk about winners! The two winners in the RAPHAEL Audio Book giveaway are …

SUE S. mum*

Sue and Christine, you now have five (5) days to reply to the email I’ve sent to each of you! Or you can contact me at to confirm your winning status and email address. After which I’ll send you the download code and instructions for your RAPHAEL Audio Book!

And if you’re not Sue S. or Christine R. (and let’s face it, most of you aren’t) don’t worry. With UNFORGIVEN and VINCENT both on the horizon, there will be plenty of giveaways coming up.

Speaking of UNFORGIVEN and VINCENT, guess what I’m doing this week? Yep, revisions! UNFORGIVEN is completed and now it’s VINCENT’s turn. And you know what that means … their release dates are closing in FAST! Woohoo!

I also wrote a whole bunch of new words on Book #9 — Did I mention that Book #9 has a title? It’s DECEPTION. I’m so used to calling it Book #9! lol But DECEPTION has me eyeing the cave. I have to get through a couple of thing first, but the darkness is beckoning. I’m not quite ready yet, though the writing is moving along quickly, but despite what my friends and family might think, I really do enjoy the occasional bout of sunshine … with proper sunscreen, of course. 😀

No movies yet. We’re expecting more family to visit this week—did I mention my family is large?—so, I had to do some prep for that. Oooh, I did score some great tickets for Linkin Park! Very excited about that one. And I read even more terrific books to add to my GoodReads Challenge. I’ll need to update again soon, but I’m sure I’m still ahead of the curve. Yay me! On the small screen, there was, um, nothing. Except for The Strain. Why does no one listen to Eph or the rat catcher????

Now there’s a good closing line for you … why does no one listen to Eph or the rat catcher? lol

Can’t beat that, so I’m going back to work. That family visit is likely to cut into my writing time a bit, so I have to get as much done as I can before then.

R.I.P. to the wonderful Robin Williams—this one brought tears to my eyes. As Jimmy Fallon said, “Oh Captain, my Captain, you will be missed.” And to the beautiful and sexy Lauren Bacall—one of the greats.

Take care of yourselves and the people you love, and I’ll be back here the same time next week!

robin williams

lauren bacall

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