Just a quickie this week (and I mean that in the most non-sexual way.) The DH ended up back in the hospital a few days ago. He’s feeling better now, and we hope to have him back home tomorrow. But long days in the hospital and short nights of sleep don’t make for a very clever blogger.

I do have a few things to report. First (and most importantly) the revisions to VINCENT are finished and back with my editor. I’d forgotten how much I like Vincent, especially Vincent with Lana. I’m adding this picture just to remind us all what a sweet hunk he is.postcard-2.75inx8.5in-h-front

And before the DH started feeling poorly, we finally saw GUARDIANS of the GALAXY! Yay! I loved it! Chris Pratt is perfect, Zoe Saldana is amazing, and Vin Diesel actually brings personality to Groot (with some help from the CGI guys.)

I also read a bunch of books. I haven’t updated my GoodReads Challenge yet, but I have a lot of books to add. Some good, some not so good, but one really stands out, and that’s UGLY LOVE by Colleen Hoover. I’d never read anything by her before, but the title intrigued me, and I’m so glad I picked this book up. It’s a Contemporary Romance, but so much more. It’s about love and unbearable loss and pain and joy. Hoover’s approach to the story is so unusual and so taut that I ached right along with the characters, and right until the very end I didn’t know how she was going to finish it. If you read Contemporary Romance, and even if you don’t, you should read this book. It’s terrific.

And that’s all the words that are in my brain tonight. I’m massively sleep deprived, and I’m going to grab a few hours before hopefully heading back to bring my darling home where he belongs!

Until next week. Hug the ones you love.


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