I found out this week that Siren’s moving UP the release of my werewolf e-novella. The official release date is now June 24! Yay! I really love my wolves and can hardly wait for everyone else (well, maybe not everyone) to read their stories.

I’m sure you didn’t miss the new cover over there ———————————————————>>

And my author page is now up, so check it out. It includes the interview questions/answers that I put together from your suggestions.

On the Rajmund front (don’t hit me) the book might push back by a few days. ::sigh:: It’s not me, honest. I’m doing everything I can to keep it as close to July 15th as possible. I do hope to have the new cover art by this time next week, so I’m excited about that.

And also, don’t forget that next Sunday I’ll be putting up Vampire Vignettes #3 for its two week rerun, and after that, a brand new Vampire Vignettes #4.

And in the meantime, I continue to write … well, okay, I’m writing when I’m not revising for my various upcoming projects. Which is what I’m going back to right now.

See you next week!


4 thoughts on “WEREWOLVES!”

  1. I keep meaning to read the vignettes. Gotta get on that while I await (patiently…really) Rajmund.

  2. Great cover, Donna! And….ordered. 🙂

    Not only are you busy with revisions, you’re busy babysitting the chat freaks in 6! LOL See you on the boards!

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