Something wonky is going on with WordPress. I’m pretty sure it’s them and not me. My HTML code is being ignored at random, screwing with the font size. And by random, I mean some days it works, some days it doesn’t. That’s why I think the problem is bigger than me! (Grammatically that should be “I” but I’m going with the colloquial.)

But on to bigger and better things … Vampire Vignette #2 has begun its two week return run, which means Vignette #1 has retired for now, and I can’t be sure when or if it will appear again. We’ll see.

A new review of JABRIL appeared this week! A very good review, too! You can check it out here (clicky, clicky.) Thank you to Kelly Oakes of the Demon Lovers Blog, who said such very nice things about my books.

I’m still living in revisionland, writing a couple of new scenes for my werewolf e-novella (more for everyone to enjoy, right?) I expect revisions on Rajmund any day now, so I want to complete the werewolves before I take up with my vampires again! Rajmund’s release is very near, I can HARDLY wait.

My treadmill broke down this week, which makes me (and my body) very unhappy. I’m a very faithful walker … as long as I can watch something on TV at the same time! LOL I’ve caught up on all the old TV shows and now I’m searching for something new to watch. I had Netflix send me Supernatural. I’ll give it a try. My problem now is getting the treadmill guy to FIX THE THING THIS WEEK! ::sigh::

Okay, let’s go out on a happy note! I read some great, great books the last couple of weeks. Check out my “What I’m reading now” up above for the whole list, but let me just say that Ilona Andrews latest Kate Daniel’s book, MAGIC BLEEDS, is fantastic! The best one yet. If you haven’t tried this series, you definitely should.

And now, I’m going to go back to revisionland so that MY books will get out on time!


10 thoughts on “VIGNETTE #2 and a NEW REVIEW!”

  1. I once again loved the vignette. thanks for posting it.

    I don’t have a tredmill so I walk outdoors and listen to digital books that I get from the library.

    In the past month I have read the entire Kate Daniels series. Loved it! I think Magic Strikes is my fave of the 4. I have ON THE EDGE sitting here waiting for me to finish a Laura Kinsale romance.

    I gave RAPHAEL to my college junior granddaughter and she returned it today asking me for JABRIL. She’s as hooked as I am. I told her she was lucky in that she wouldn’t have a long wait for Rajmund.

    1. I finished On the Edge. It was a little slow getting into it, because it’s a whole different world, but once I got there, I was sucked in and really enjoyed it.

      Thank you, as always, for spreading the word about my Vampires! It’s always good to corrupt the young! LOL

  2. Treadmills…I want one but I know that I probably won’t use it as faithfully as I should. I got a Wii with the grand idea that I’d be using it everyday…the Fit anyway…but I don’t and I feel really guilty about that!

    I’m entering revision land soon too. I’d say, I’ll see you there but we both know that’s it’s a lonely world when your gutting your darlings!

  3. Oh, oh, don’t say that, Angela! “gutting” is such a harsh word and I don’t need the reminder. I’m already weeping over my computer!

  4. Just came back from a 1-mile walk… drenched in sweat, humidity or both. Ah yes, summer in Gainesville, FL. I’ll be having to move my morning walk inside soon. I don’t have a treadmill but have a couple of DVD’s that give me a surprising good walk and workout. 🙂

    And like your other fans, I’m eagerly awaiting the release of Rajmund and the wearwolf e-novella. It’s going to be a good summer for reading.


    1. It’s hot here, too. I have to slather up with sunscreen to walk outside and sweat. Plus … bugs. I’m like a target for bugs. And then there’s the entertainment factor. I need entertainment when I exercise, because it’s soooooo boring! LOL

  5. The Kate Daniel books were bought to my attention recently but I hadn’t heard much else about it. I’d glad to see you like the series because that helps me decide if I want to read it or not.

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