Let’s not forget …

I trust all of you in the U.S. are having a great Memorial Day weekend. It’s the first long weekend of the summer season, even though Summer doesn’t actually begin for almost a month yet.

But while you’re enjoying your weekend with family and friends, maybe at the beach or the lake, having a barbeque or just quiet time at home … don’t forget the real reason for this holiday. And that is to remember all of those men and women who paid the ultimate price to make your enjoyable weekend possible. And while we’re remembering our honored dead, let’s not forget those who lived, but whose lives have been forever changed by the wounds they brought home with them, and those still in harm’s way around the world, and especially this year in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Take some time this weekend to remember and say thank you in your heart, if you can’t do it in person.

Okay, I’ve brought tears to my own eyes, now, so I’ll try to lighten the mood.

In the fine tradition of long weekends, my publisher, ImaJinn Books, is having a book sale. They’re offering 20% off of a $20.00 order; 30% off a $30.00 order; and 40% off $40.00 or more. The sale is on now and goes through June 1st. So, here’s your chance to stock up.

And just a reminder that Vampire Vignette #1 has one more week on its current run. After that, I can’t say when it will appear again. Vampire Vignette #2 will begin its rerun appearance next Sunday … and I will post earlier in the day this time. Sorry about last week. I do most of my work late at night and sometimes forget not everyone runs on my weird clock.

And finally, I found this while wandering around the Internet. It’s adorable animals … so cute … who are actually terrifying. The pictures are cool (and sometimes ugh) and the text is really funny. So, if your weekend’s over and you’re back to work, maybe this will lighten your day. Warning: If you play the vids, some of the sounds (actually ALL of the sounds) are pretty damn weird. Clicky-clicky.

See you next week.


4 thoughts on “Let’s not forget …”

  1. Nice post. I have a friend who has been to Iraq twice. He fell off the back of a Hummer once while they were fleeing gun shots. Of course he didn’t tell me till he got home. It’s hard but it’s what he wants and I support him.

  2. Happy Memorial Day to you!
    Our holiday in Canada was last Monday, so I’m a little jealous this week!

    Very tempting sale…I’m going over to take a look right now!

  3. Hey, everyone loves a sale!

    And yes, I did thank those that served. A good portion of them family, who for one reason or another, are no longer with us. I miss them.

    Off to watch that video.

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