As promised (actually a week earlier than promised) WE HAVE A WINNER in the Name That Woman Contest.
CHARMAINE! Come on down! That’s right, our winner is Charmaine of Cara*@jun*(dot)com. Obviously, I’ve edited/redacted Charmaine’s email address for her protection, but I’m sure she’ll recognize herself!
I’ve also sent Charmaine an email directly notifying her of her winning status. Charmaine now has until 12:00 a.m. (midnight) PST on April 29, 2012, to contact me ( and confirm her acceptance of the wonderful prize package, which includes the right to name a character in the forthcoming, and as yet unnamed, Book Seven of Vampires in America, as well as a signed print copy of that book!
In other exciting news, I finished and filed my taxes. Bleah!
I have also, sadly, finished reading all of Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp books! Oh no! I’m currently experiencing withdrawal symptoms, which are alleviated only by the knowledge that there’s a new John Sandford Prey book out next month, and a new Nora Roberts stand-alone out this week. Plus I’m trying a couple of new (to me) authors as a substitute for my beloved Mitch Rapp. ::sigh:: Also, I’ve already started Lara Adrian’s newest Breed book Darker After Midnight, and downloaded Karen Marie Moning’s next two Highlander books. Her Highlander series isn’t as good for me as her Fever books, but still very good. At least, none of the female leads are as irritating as MacKayla. Not yet anyway. 😀
Speaking of great forthcoming books, my writing partner Steve McHugh has posted CHAPTER 1 of his forthcoming Crimes Against Magic, which will release on April 30th. He posted the Prologue last week, so this is another chance to get a glimpse into this wonderful fantasy/adventure story. CHECK IT OUT!
On the TV front, I watched tonight’s Game of Thrones ep, and found it rather uneventful. I don’t really care about the wimpy Theon Greyjoy (the guy whose father has the ships), although I do wonder if those people ever bathe or brush their hair! LOL The M/M scene between Renly Baratheon and his lover (also his wife’s brother, btw) was distinctly un-hot. Surprisingly so for an HBO series. Remember Eric and Talbot? Even that was hotter and Eric was faking it! Hopefully next week will be more eventful.
You’ll be happy to know that LUCAS is very nearly finished. I’m already contemplating the next book. I know its location, I know its general plot, I even have a good idea of the new vampire lord’s character, but … I need a name for him. Which means I need an ethnic background. Book 8 will be Mexico, which means a Latino vampire lord, but what about Book 7? Any ideas, readers?
Okay, that’s it for me this week. Short and sweet, because I’m in the middle of a big battle with Lucas and Kathryn (not between them, they’re on the same side for this one.) Gotta get back to the bloodshed!
Have a wonderful week. (And U.S. readers, try to forget all the money you just turned over to Uncle Sam.) I’ll see you all back here next Sunday night, same time, same place.

4 thoughts on “THE WINNER IS ….”

  1. Hmm, Latino names. I couldn’t think of any good ones on my own so I looked up a few. Santiago, Sebastián, Xavier, Guillermo, Dante.

  2. You are so right. The Eric/Talbot scene was hot! Anything with Eric is hot. I don’t think Renly and his lover (Knight of the Flowers?) will ever come close….ever…even on a good night. But last night someone was mad and not in the mood.
    Theon is wimpy, no doubt, but I feel bad for him. He’s never going to fit anywhere. Hope he realizes if he’s ever caught by Rob he’s going to become a snack. 🙂

    Regarding Book 7: Can you share which territory we’ll be in? I’m trying to remember the boundaries, and where we’ve been…drat, where’s my map?
    I think accents equal heat, so what about a cajun? Armand?

    See you next week!

    1. Hi Jan! I’m hoping to include a map of the territories in LUCAS. We’re so deep into the stories now, that even I get confused sometimes about where the boundaries are! But the next book after LUCAS will be the Midwest, with HQ in Chicago. But the ethnic background of the vampire lord can be anything, since they’re from all over the world. Don’t think I can do Armand, though. Anne Rice has that one sewed up!

      As for Game of Thrones, I want to see more of the dire wolves! Where was Rob’s dire wolf when he was out in the snow? That made no sense. SNL had a pretty funny spoof of Game of Thrones Saturday night, btw. Talking about all the nudity and how one of their chief shooting/script advisers was a 13 year old boy. LOL

      1. How could I forget *that* Armand. You’re right. No one can use that name ever again.
        I saw the SNL sketch and loved it!

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