Actually, what I meant to say was that I really need to clean out my underwear drawer, but then I thought about that going out into Internetland, and decided … maybe not. And, okay, so it’s really my entire closet that needs to be cleaned out. I bought a new blouse the other day, the kind that goes to the cleaners to be laundered so it looks all nice and starchy/pressed. I brought it home from the cleaners and realized there was no place to hang it in my closet where it wouldn’t immediately get wrinkled!! That’s a baaaad sign. So, I hung it in my husband’s closet instead. 😀 But the underwear drawer is becoming desperate. I swear I’m only using the top 25% of that thing, the rest just sits there clogging up the space! As soon as I finish LUCAS, that sucker is getting cleaned out and I’m giving/tossing that other 75%!
Ahem … but on to matters other than my top drawer. Just to let you know that CHARMAINE has claimed her prize in the NAME THAT WOMAN CONTEST, so the contest is officially over. For everyone but Charmaine, that is! She still has a role to play in the as yet unnamed Book 7.
Book 7?!? Wow. Amazing. I can’t believe we’ve come that far already. Just today I was thinking about Book, um, 9 (I had to count ahead for a minute.) I mentioned last week that I was searching for an ethnic background for Book 7, and got lots of good suggestions from my readers. In particular, JAN, suggestion Cajun, which brings me to Book 9, and the perfect place for a Cajun vampire lord. So, he won’t show up in Book 7, but he’ll be there for Book 9! Sounds like a good excuse for me to take a vacation in New Orleans!! Yeah!
I’ve added three books to my What I’m Reading Now page, also on Goodreads. Some of my favorite authors pubbed new books recently, and now that I’ve caught up with Mitch Rapp stories, I’m moving on (sniff) to some of those. By the way, I received e-mails from readers with suggestions to help me cope with Mitch Rapp withdrawal, and I’m following up on several of them. PAM M. suggested Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books. My darling husband reads all of those, and has several on his bookshelves (heh, heh.) I’ll just mosey on down the hall and borrow some. Same for BARBARA K. who recommended Jonathan Kellerman. The DH reads those, too! How convenient! I’m sure he’ll never miss them (especially since I stay up much later than he does, and he has HUNDREDS, THOUSANDS of books, so if I borrow a few, he’ll never notice.) And he doesn’t read this blog!
Ah, but speaking of Goodreads, I now have a FAN CLUB over there! A huge thank you to the lovely MISTIK who set it all up and generously serves as Moderator. HERE’S THE LINK if you’d like to drop in.
And remember a couple weeks ago, when all of my WOOOONDERFUL readers went over to PARANORMAL BITES and voted to include DUNCAN in their Bites Fights competition? Well, the FIGHTS have begun. First, there’s a truly fantastic bunch of prizes being offered!CHECK IT OUT HERE! Including some books from yours truly. But to win the prizes, you have to enter. It’s sort of confusing, but it appears the voting and bracket predictions are together, which means first round voting for DUNCAN ended April 19?!? That was weird. It appears, however, that you can still predict brackets HERE. I’ll keep checking and let you know what happened with DUNCAN. The prizes are still great, though, so enter soon and enter often! LOL
And I think that’s it for this week. I’m literally down to the last few words of LUCAS, still trying to come up with a name for Book 7, but I’ll get there. Still working late, late, late. And by the way, the coyotes are going NUTS out there tonight. I suspect someone’s going to be short a pet tomorrow morning. 🙁 Or it could be … rabbits. We have lots of those around, too. Yes, that’s probably it. It’s a rabbit. Uh huh.
All right, back to sweet LUCAS. See you all next week, same time, same place.


  1. Mr. DBR,

    Thank you so much for the fanclub mention! I saw new members this morning and went to read your blog and there it was!

    On an even happier note. Locas is on final pages? It means you are writing ur famous cliffhangers at the end since u have mentioned book 7 Lord name right? OMG!!! So excited m off to do cartwheels!!!!!!

    O since I’m in California I m off to send my envelope for the freebies too.

    You made my day!!!

  2. Everyone sorry about the typos. I’m always on the go on my iPhone and one finger typing while looking after my hyperactive kids. 🙂

  3. A cajun vampire? Well, you know how happy I am about that! He’ll be worth the wait.

    Cleaning? Or spending time with Lucas….. Hmmmm. Trust me, you made the right call. Let me assure you, when I have to make that decision the place is going to be a little messy for a few days, and the husband may have to come up with his own dinner. 🙂

    And please don’t think I missed the fact that there is no commentary on Game of Thrones. That’s okay. I have no words for that last scene either.

    Take care!

  4. Lovin the Cajun theme for one of your books. In regards to Book 7’s name, here are some ideas (they draw mainly on Irish and/or Italian themes): Liam, Aidan, Colin, Damien, Sebastian, Angelo. May not be at all what you’re looking for, but thought I’d try to help. =) Good luck!

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