Yep, the NAME THAT WOMAN contest is officially over. I received hella entries and they’ve all been numbered. I’ll rev up the random number generator this week to pick the winner and announce it on this blog next Sunday.
For the record, the correct answer was DEB JENKINS. Most of the entries got it right, some few had it wrong, which makes them ineligible. Sorry about that.
It’s April, which means … ugh … taxes. At least in the U.S. I was talking (emailing) a friend in England last week and discovered they don’t have to file tax returns like we do. No kidding? You mean there’s an income tax system that makes more sense than the twisted, tortuous, ridiculously complicated system we have? Huh. Who’d have thought it? (huge eye roll – I need some better smilies for this blog.)
Of course, I might just be bitter, having spent hours and hours this week putting together paperwork and entering data, instead of finishing the story of my darling LUCAS. I haven’t neglected him completely, however, his story is very nearly completed. I can see the end from here! LOL
And speaking of ends, there seems to be NO end to my current trio of obsessions, i.e., past seasons of CRIMINAL MINDS on DVD (at least I exercise while I’m watching those,) Adam Levine/Maroon 5 singing Stereo Hearts with Travie McCoy on SNL, and Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp thriller/suspense novels. By the way, the link I posted last week for the Adam Levine video was pulled by NBC the next day. Do you think I was responsible for that? Yikes! LOL
In other news, the RT Booklovers Convention begins this week in Chicago, and many of my favorite writers and friends will be there. Not me. So sad. It’s a truly fun convention, but I just couldn’t do Chicago this year. ::sigh:: I’ll definitely be participating in the future, though. RT Con is really designed with the reader in mind. If you ever have the opportunity, I recommend it highly. I will be at RWA’s National Conference in July, though! Although, that’s definitely geared for writers/editors/agents, rather than readers. But more on that much later.
Not all is dreary and taxes here on the homefront, however, Game of Thrones had its season opener last week, and I watched Ep 2 earlier tonight. Major cliffhanger ending … unless you’ve read the books, of course. (heh, heh) This series is so well done! And Once Upon A Time is back with reruns! Ugh. Grimm has a new twist. SPOILER: Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing Nick and Juliet part ways, but I doubt that’s where they’re going with it. 😀
And finally, last but MOST DEFINITELY not least, my writing partner Steve McHugh is about to publish his very first novel, CRIMES AGAINST MAGIC. It’s a terrific story of fantasy, mystery and adventure. Lots of action and excellent writing. And you can read the Prologue for FREE this week on STEVE’s BLOG. You should definitely CHECK IT OUT!
Hmm, okay, that’s it for me this week. I’ve got to get back to LUCAS before he forgets who really loves him. (That would be ME!)
See you all next week with the contest winner, and more random thoughts! Oh, and Happy Passover and/or Happy Easter! Hope it was wonderful.


  1. Thanks for posting about my blog and for generally being awesome! 🙂

    The Game of Thrones season 2 opener was excellent. Really enjoyed it. I think this should be even better than the first season.

  2. I love G of T and watched the first episode. I’ll try to catch up with ep.2 online sometime this week.
    You and I must be reading each others’ mind. You know that Adam Levine of Maroon 5 was Sexy Man Tuesday last week on my blog and this week on Tuesday I have the past 5 “Mr Romance” winners from the RT conventions of the past. Sadly they are not having the Mr Romance contest this year.
    I will check out Steve’s book.

        1. I’m typing on the go so pardon the typos. Its the jet lag. Fabolous cover! I was reluctant to check out the book because I though it wouldnt have romance. But I believe there is a Jasmine there so I ve picked it up.

          Thanks for the Post for this book on ur blog Mrs. Reynolds. It’s a great way to learn about new works.

    1. The Literacy event! I’m signing at that. Steph, we need to arrange a meet before or after!!

  3. I was watching G of T last night, the screen went black and I shouted to my TV, “Where’s Ghost??”. Never a dire wolf around…

    1. Exactly!! When he was creeping around the forest, I’m thinking “This would be a great time for the wolf to show up!”

  4. Hello Everyone,

    I just read the new blog update. Congrats to the winner! it was not me and I am devastated! *wipes tears*

    in light of my favorite vampLord Raj and his name origin in the eastern europe…

    Can the new vamp lord be of Russian background. I mean, there’s lots to say about hot Russian guys…just a thought =)

    1. Hmmm. You do know that Raphael is Russian, right? Talk about a hot Russian guy! I am considering another Russian vampire lord, though. I haven’t decided yet for sure. 🙂

      1. No!!! I was sure he had a Spanish flare! Jabril middle east. Duncan Scott.

        Well, il just have to re-read Raphael again in a new light.

        Ok, next best thing. Greek? Gods and all 🙂

  5. Ok nevermind! I am lagged lag n that’s my excuse.
    Ljubavi maja! N to think I speak a Slavic language. Shame on me.

    African lord?

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