I looked up to see what that phrase means. I mean, I know what the “dog days” are, but where did it come from? Turns out the name comes from the ancient belief that Sirius, also called the Dog Star, was in closest proximity to the sun at that time of year and thus responsible for the hot weather. So, strictly speaking, the dog days of summer are supposed to be the hottest days of summer. I sometimes think of it differently—not the hottest days of summer, but the slowest days, the days when nothing happens. That fits, though, because when it’s really hot, one doesn’t feel like doing much.

Hmm, well, that was a long way of saying nothing much happened this week. The Twitterverse and Facebook are quieter, my writing boards are quieter. True Blood has finished its season, none of my favorite shows, like Supernatural (my sexy Winchester boys!) have started yet. Although, there is Strike Back, which is some consolation. But basically, the days are pretty slow.

Add to it that I still don’t have my DUNCAN cover and these are definitely the dog days of summer. 🙁

I am busy writing, though, which is all to the good. Lots of projects, vampires and not. And NaNo’s just a few short weeks away, so I’m already planning for that, figuring out which of my many projects will make up my 50K this year.

And when I’m not writing, I’m continuing my Buffy obsession. I’m on Season 5 — The Initiative is history; Spike is chipped, so he can only hit bad guys; Buffy and Willow have stopped wearing those awful, ugly skirts; Buffy has acquired her mysterious sister, Dawn; I think Joyce is about to be diagnosed with a brain tumor; and Riley’s suffering the pangs of insecurity. btw, NO ONE can do smug, like Angel does to Riley! 😀 So far, there haven’t been any episodes I haven’t seen, although there must be some coming up soon. Maybe not until Season 6, though.

Okay, I’m rambling. Just one final note … I went to a birthday party yesterday with a bunch of five-year-olds, aka plague carriers. I usually end up sick after these things. While I was there, my niece (who’s a tad older than 5) coughed on me, then assured me it was just bronchitis, that she wasn’t contagious. And then she said, “You’re probably going to blog about me, aren’t you?” 😀 So, there you go, Heath! If I get sick, it’s all your fault! LOL

All right, have a great week and I really do hope I’ll have a cover to show you soon!