Yep, we finally have a cover for DUNCAN! And If you click on the image, you can see the entire cover flat. So pretty!

And that’s not all! I’ve added the back cover blurb, too! Check it out!

I figure that’s enough for this week, but WAIT, there’s more! Once you’ve finished drooling over Duncan, you can check out the Banned Books Blog Hop at Bea’s Book Nook. The blog hop is all over the blog-o-sphere and on Facebook and Twitter, too. But I’ll be posting next week over at Bea’s, encouraging everyone to read a banned book!

See you later this week at the Banned Books event (I’ll post a reminder on Facebook and Twitter) and right back here next week … although it’s gonna be tough topping Duncan! 😀


19 thoughts on “WE HAVE COVER!”

  1. O my gosh!!!!! He is so good looking. The cover is beautiful, I was wondering if the men on the covers are real men or just made for the covers?

  2. Love the cover that we FINALLY get to see after so much torture – LOL. (Fess up you’re a sadist right? 🙂 )
    Duncan is as gorgeous as I imagined & I can’t wait to read his story!!! Can we pre-order yet? Do we at least get a sneak peek before then? One li’l old chapter to tide us over?! LOL Yup I’m shameless – been waiting on Duncan since the first book…sigh, I may have to order on Kindle just to get it sooner…

  3. Beautiful cover! The combination of Duncan’s long hair and the tux is especially yummy. And I love the shots of D.C. at night!
    As much as I love my Kindle, it’s not great for cover art. Therefore, I’ll be buying a print copy so that I can drool to my heart’s content!!

  4. Hi DB Reynolds! Absoulutely addore your books! Was wondering are we going to get a sneek peek of Duncans story? Pretty please with 2 cherries on top? lol :):)

  5. I did not envision Duncan with long hair but he is delish!!!
    Especially that sorta kinda snarl on his lips! Also the tux makes him look so TOUGH!! Can’t wait for December DB.

    1. Yep. Duncan has ALWAYS had long hair, from the very beginning! I’m surprised at how many people didn’t know that! But it’s definitely long! His hair, I mean. 😉

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