20 thoughts on “SURPRISE!”

  1. Happy Birthday!!!! and many happy returns…
    When is it out??? Can I buy it now????

  2. Well, Happy Happy Birthday!! Whew! that was one steamy vignette. I always enjoy these Cyn and Raphael encounters. Thanks for the treat!

  3. Happy Birthday!
    Mine is tomorrow 😉
    Thanks for such a nice surprise. As usual, is so beautifully intense when Cyn and Rafael are together, ahhhh….
    I can’t wait for Cyn and Rafael e-novella.
    They are my absolutely favorite couple!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday … I hope it it/was great. Yhanks for the vignette, it was a pleasure!


  5. Happy Birthday!
    The vignette was great. I wouldn’t wish this on him very often, but I like seeing Raphael in a vulnerable state every now and then. Makes him real.

    Have a great week.

  6. well, what a great present on a great day for sure! hope you have a great one! *winks and sends down an irish coffee*

  7. What a wonderful surprise, D.B.! The vignette was awesome! I can never get enough of Cyn and Raphael, hubba – hubba! 😉 I hope your birthday was a happy one, and full of wonderful surprises as well! You deserve the best!

    Thanks so much!

  8. I’m leading a book club discussion on Raphael in August so this came just in time to “reacquaint” me with what I love most about my favorite vampire-human couple! But aren’t we supposed to be giving *you* presents on your birthday sweetie? Thank you for this!

  9. Happy Birthday and thank you so much!!!! I absolutely love this series and even though I have my favorites, I just love Raphael and Cyn. You write their characters so perfect for each other. So good!! Thanks again — great vignette!!! 🙂

  10. Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for the unexpected vignette!!! As always my favorite couple never cease to amaze me!!! Have a great week!!

  11. ***Happy Birthday***
    Thank you so much for V.10. Humina Humina HOT! as always. Have a fab Birthday Week. Cheers

  12. Please right another book about Cyn and Raphael after Lucas they are some of my favorite characters

  13. Happy belated birthday!!! Mine was on July 14th. Hope u enjoyed every second of it! The vignette was fabulous. Can’t wait for Lucas

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