Still working hard, though I confess I took way too long tonight to watch the Grammy Awards on TV. Thankfully, I DVR’d the whole thing, so skipped through the commercials and certain other parts. The Grammy Awards Show is the only show which can make the Oscar Awards Show seem short! Many good performances, though. Especially loved “The Weight” (The Band, 1968) by a whole stageful of talent, including Sir Elton John, T Bone Burnett, the Zac Brown Band, Mavis Staples, Mumford & Sons and Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes. The filled-stage collaborations are always some of the best performances. Also great were Maroon 5/Alicia Keys, The Black Keys, Justin Timberlake (with Jay-Z), Fun. and Mumford & Sons. And Prince is sexy as ever, even if he is a tiny guy. I was also happy to see that no one performer or song dominated, because that way most of my favorite groups won something. That either means I have excellent taste … or common taste. I’m going with excellent. 🙂

I also caught Saturday’s SNL, although I actually watched it with the DH on Sunday. (How did I live before DVR?) Not a great show, but there was one segment that stood out, and that was Seth Meyer’s Weekend Update. Unfortunately, it stood out because the grammar Nazi in me was appalled! There was a segment called Date Survey, in which Seth reports, “A new survey finds the “number one thing single people judge the quality of their dates on is the quality of their teeth, followed by the quality of their grammar. Great news for WHOMEVER has both.” You would THINK that in a segment which lauds good grammar … THE EFFING GRAMMAR WOULD BE CORRECT! That sentence should properly read “… Great news for WHOEVER has both.” I wonder how many English teacher and geeky writers immediately tweeted, texted, emailed? For the record, I didn’t. I saved my grammar obsession for all of you. 😀

If you want to watch the video yourself, you can find it HERE. The segment starts at 00:54 (after the commercial, of course.)

I’ve been thinking about Valentine’s Day, which is this week. Thinking about all my beautiful men and their much-loved women. Don’t you wish we could all stay young forever, too? ::sigh:: I need to read a good romance. I just finished reading Lisa Gardner’s newest thriller Touch and Go, and while it is simply brilliant, it is also about the disintegration of a family beginning with the cheating husband. (I’m not giving anything away–that fact is revealed in right up front.) So, what I need to read now is a good old-fashioned romance. Fortunately, I have a TBR pile that is deep and wide! LOL

Speaking of TBR piles, I did shorten mine by a miniscule bit this past week. Still adding to my 100 Books in a Year Challenge, which is HERE. Hopefully, I’ll post a couple of reviews on MY GOODREADS PAGE later this week, too.

And finally, you’ll notice some minor color changes to the Blog this week. The red and black was great, but the red was ultimately too difficult to read against the dark background, so I’ve changed it to blue. Blue still goes well with the whole moon theme … blue moon, right? 😉

Okay, it’s back to writing for me. Hope your Valentine’s Day is spent with the one you love, and if not this week, then I hope you’re together very, very soon.