ValentinesThis is a slightly delayed Valentine’s Day present for my readers. It’s from the first draft of ADEN, which means my publisher hasn’t seen it yet. So there might be some changes, especially the line about the, um, lash. 😀 But I wanted you all to read it anyway, because that way you’ll know what Aden’s really thinking the first time he sees Francesca. 😉

Aden watched with hooded eyes as the woman wove her way through the crowded room, heading directly for him … while trying to pretend she wasn’t. Her stroll was deliberately seductive, each slow step placed perfectly in front of the other, emphasizing the glide of silken thighs, the sway of her hips. She wasn’t beautiful, not precisely, but she was striking, with a long, curly mass of red hair tumbling artfully down her back. She had the arrogance of a woman raised with money and privilege, and the body of one who paid attention to such things—slender, but for the full breasts pressing against the top of her form-fitting dress, with legs and ass nicely toned. Crystal blue eyes glanced in his direction every few steps, checking to see if he was watching. He was, but if she thought that gave her any power over him, she had a lot to learn. He smiled privately. He did love redheads, with their pale, porcelain skin … they marked so very prettily under the lash.

Enjoy your Valentine … and next week … Francesca’s first thoughts on seeing Aden. 🙂


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