vince-flynn-in-memoriumThe world lost a great talent this week, and I lost one of my favorite writers. I was so sad to learn that VINCE FLYNN had died after a 2-year battle with metastatic prostate cancer. Vince is and will always be the author of the Mitch Rapp series of international thrillers, a character that Michael Connelly has described as the “relentless Mitch Rapp,” which describes him perfectly. But while I’ve lost a favorite writer, his family has lost so much more, and my deepest condolences go out to them.

I don’t subscribe to the idea that only the good die young, but sometimes they do, and Vince was definitely one of those.

But not all was sad this week. Several of my fellow OWG members, long-time friends and fellow writers received contracts for their work (more on that when they release) and I finished reading some wonderful new books, including NALINI SINGH’s brilliant Heart of Obsidian, TANI HOAG’s The 9th Girl, and LINDA CASTILLO’s Her Last Breath.

On the small screen, THE KILLING is as good as ever. What is it about JOEL KINNAMAN that’s so sexy? He should be the total epitome of geek. Or maybe that’s it. I just like eggheads and geeks. It’s definitely true that brains are sexy. 😀

And speaking of sexy, I now own all 4 seasons of JUSTIFIED, so I can call up Raylan whenever I want. Sweet. And keeping with the sexy theme, Alex Skarsgard (True Blood’s Eric) is in fine form. Really, he’s the only reason to keep watching the show, especially since the hunky Alcide is turning out to be something of an asshole. Granted, he became an asshole in the books, too, but a different kind of asshole. I don’t like the way the writers have made Bill Mr. Godlike Vampire. It was bad enough when they made him the King last season, but now we actually have Jessica praying to him as if he’s God. Bleah.

On my own writing front, HUNTED (the 2nd Cyn & Raphael e-novella) will be here very, very soon! The first giveaway (the prize is one of the few limited edition print copies) is set for July 8! And that’s only the beginning. But more on all of that later, closer to the date.

In the meantime, I’m still spending my nights with Aden, and I think he’s beginning to like me. Some of the edges are not quite as sharp—at least where I’m concerned—so I think I’ll keep him … which means I’ve got to get back to his story. He wants it DONE!

Next week I hope to have news of the HUNTED release and more details on future giveaways.
See you then,



  1. Did you catch the end of Jessica’s prayer? I could have sworn that she was asking Bill to bless *himself*. And Bill feeding was freaky enough without making the donor into a pretzel–overkill.
    I’m having fun visiting Lucas and Kathryn in preparation for Hunted. 🙂
    Have a great week!

  2. Yes, I know am watching TB only for Alexander. The rest is a mess. I used to love Pam but they have robbed her of all those great lines that made us love her.

    I can see why you might want to keep Aden for yourself, but I can’t wait to the book is in my hands and I can spend time with him. I am also counting the days to Hunted.

  3. Everybody’s only watching TB because of Alex …. interesting. 😉
    I am curious how this season will develope, there are so many rumors about wich main character will be killed off, even that this season will be the last.
    But I’m far more excited that HUNTED is almost here …. I’m so looking forward to meet Raphael and Cyn again.

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