SHIFTER PLANET:THE RETURN is HERE!! I’m so excited to return to Harp and to share Aidan and Rachel’s story with all of you. You can find all the buy links, the book trailer, book description, and some early reviews HERE.

I’ll soon be off to SHAMELESS in Orlando. My boxes (too many!) have all been shipped, my clothes and the rest are staged for packing, and my luggage stands ready! I hope to see a lot of my readers there. I’ll be signing Shifter Planet: The Return, Shifter Planet, and a few other titles, including RAPHAEL (my very first book!)

And now for the bad news, good news … DRAGAN’s release has officially been moved to January 2020. I’m honestly sorry, but the timing would have worked out for a very early December release, and well, publishers just don’t release anything but holiday stories in December. There’s a variety of very good reasons for that, but it all boils down to a January release for my DRAGAN.
HOWEVER…I did say this was a bad news, good news situation. To make up to my readers for the delay, I’m going to write a Cyn & Raphael e-novella which will be released in December — A holiday story! Or at least it will take place during the More on that later, but the novella will be available in December, for sure.

For now, I’m going back to work, doing revisions on DRAGAN, packing for SHAMELESS, and hoping I don’t forget anything. I’ll post more from SHAMELESS and ORLANDO.

Happy Thanksgiving to my many Canadian friends and readers!