DRAGAN is officially in the hands of my editor, although I expect to get him back this week for revisions. That’s okay. I don’t mind revisions. I was very happy with the way the story turned out, very happy with the epilogue, which my readers know is always a tease for the next book, which will be Nick’s.

More Stone Warriors news this week with the release of DAMIAN’s audiobook! Tantor and the wonderful Thom Tor will be recording the entire Stone Warriors series, finishing up with NICODEMUS next year.

And, of course, SHIFTER PLANET:THE RETURN will release October 14th. I’m so excited to share the story with all of you, even if it took me a few years to get it to you. Here are all the pre-order links for the e-book.
You should also know that in a bit of a fluke, you can now order the PRINT version of SHIFTER PLANET:THE RETURN for immediate delivery from

With DRAGAN turned in to my editor, my first priority became getting ready for SHAMELESS. I have all my books, my giveaways, my Smut Gala outfit…the list goes on. And a lot of it has to be shipped to the hotel ahead of time, because I’m sure not going to fly it with me. I’ve heard from so many readers who will be coming by to see me, but you can still buy tickets, especially for the public signing on Saturday.I hope to see you there.

Yes, I’ve been doing a lot of catching up, but what I did Sunday night was binge the Netflix series UNBELIEVABLE. It’s a fantastic series (actually a limited series, this is the complete story.) The acting is superb, and it’s the story of a real person. It’s excellent.

And that’s it for now. Welcome to October. It’s snowing in Montana and in Lake Tahoe,CA. Apparently, we’re skipping Fall this year. 🙂