SAY GOOD-BYE to 2014

Vincent Final dot fix - sized for blog2014 was a very good year. After a rough 2013, including the death of my longtime publisher, Linda Kichline, my Vampires and I are now settled happily into our new home at ImaJinn/Belle Books. UNFORGIVEN came out in October, VINCENT in November, and both were well-received by my wonderful readers.

DECEPTION, which will be the next Vampires in America book, and the first full-length Cyn & Raphael adventure in a while, will go in to my editor this week! Yay! No one’s read it but me at this point, so I’ll either crash and burn, or the vampire war, and the new story arc of my Vampires in America, will be launched. Fingers crossed.
Best-of-2014As icing on the cake of a very good year, and thanks to all of my wonderful readers, VINCENT won Best Small Press on PARANORMAL HAVEN’s Best of 2014 list. So there I am on a list with J.R.Ward and Ilona Andrews. It doesn’t get much better than that!

My vamps also hit another list at Paranormal Haven, and that’s Eva’s Favorite Books of 2014, with my guys making her list as Favorite New (to me) Author. Sweet!

But of course, Vincent didn’t get all the love this year. ADEN came in for his fair share with EPIC’s selection of ADEN as a finalist for an ebook award in their Paranormal Romance category.D B Reynolds_edited-1And just to close out the year with a bang (other than the one I’m currently writing) Vampire Vignette #13, The Christmas Present, is still available HERE for your reading pleasure.

As for the rest … I’m still fighting this damn cold, so I stayed home with the DH and watched some movies (when I wasn’t writing, writing, writing.) We saw The Hobbit-Battle of the Five Armies (there are certain advantages to being an MPSE member), American Sniper, and Denzel Washington’s version of The Equalizer. The Hobbit was well done, naturally, but it was very obvious that this was the ending of the previous film. They really pushed it making that book into three separate movies. American Sniper was excellent, very intense. I’m not a fan of Bradley Cooper, but he did a great job. As for The Equalizer, I’m a fan of vigilante movies, and Denzel is just so cool no matter what he does. I see a sequel in his future.

My book challenge … I have another 17-18 books to add for the year, which takes my total well above my target 150 books, so I’m happy. For a while there, I didn’t think I’d make it, but I’ll probably do it again this year with the same number.

And now I’m back to DECEPTION. That Epilogue isn’t going to write itself!
happy new year 2015Wishing you and yours a Safe and Happy New Year!


3 thoughts on “SAY GOOD-BYE to 2014”

  1. I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to Deception.

    As I mentioned, I recently re-read your entire series over the course of a few weeks. I’m in awe of your talent as an author. Your prose flows and your characters are three-dimensional, and grab the reader’s heart.

    Hope you’re over your cold soon. Happy New Year!

  2. Congrats, DB! Watched the numbers climb at PH and was certain you would win. Yay! And the finalist in the EPIC Awards? Excellent. It does take time, yes? But you are so close to being right up there (already are, as far as anyone who’s read you feels) with the biggies. Very exciting.

    DECEPTION is going to be a huge hit, I just know it. But it is a change-up in the arc so I get the touch of anxiety. No worries, kiddo. It’s time and I can’t wait!

    Oh, and since this is almost the New Year and time for lists, I’m going to add my favorite ViA scene: SOPHIA Raphael literally willing Cyn back to life. Every muscle in my body was tensed with an OMG, DB isn’t going to do it, is she? No! Please, no! But for a moment, I thought we might actually lose Cyn. My heart was shattering. Raphael’s intensity was breathtaking. Cyn’s grasping and holding onto that last spark…Simply one of the most memorable scenes ever in any book, period.

    Happy New Year, DB! Here’s to an incredible 2015!

  3. 2014 has definitely provided you with some extreme highs and tragic lows, but through it all you have remained true to yourself and your beliefs.

    You’ve survived another grueling year of writing, but I’m sure the response to your overwhelmingly addictive Vampires has been worth it!

    Congratulations on all the wonderful and overdue acknowledgement of your VIA series throughout 2014!! No one deserves the recognition more.

    I have been an avid fan since I turned the first pages of RAPHAEL in 2009 and hope to continue this journey with you for many years to come; and naturally as a hopeless romantic, I look forward to much more about the sensually captivating Raphael and Cyn.

    Wishing you all the success and happiness you deserve in 2015 and beyond!

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