The headline says it all. I venture out for meals and some time with the DH, but other than that, my fingers are flying. And I’m thinking about redecorating the cave. If I’m going to spending this much time in here, it could use some improvements! 😀

cold teddyUnfortunately, one of the things I’ve been forced to venture out for this past month is several doctor appointments, and we all know what hotbeds of plague doctors’ offices are. My compulsive hand-washing wasn’t enough apparently, because I’ve got a cold. My family all say that Cyn is my alter-ego, and they might be right, because Cyn keeps wanting to be cranky and out of sorts. I have to keep reminding her that she can’t get colds, because she has Raphael’s vampire immunity to, well, pretty much everything. Why can’t I have that? (This is me, whining.)

But never worry, the story goes on and I’m so, so close to the end. In fact, yesterday my brain was writing the Epilogue, and you all know what that means. The end is near.

Vincent Final dot fix - sized for blog_edited-1But not all the big news happened in the cave this week. My darling VINCENT was nominated for Best Small Press Release 2014 at PARANORMAL HAVEN! Last time I checked, he was in the lead, but voting is now closed, so we’ll all have to wait and see what the final tally is.

Also this week, my Vampires in America 2014 Christmas short story, “The Christmas Present” was posted as part of NOCTURNAL BOOK REVIEWS Seven Days of Christmas. There’s a giveaway as part of the event, so CLICK ON OVER and take a look.
ChristmasAnd finally, Christmas is this week. I’ll be going over to celebrate with my big family, lots of little people, which is what it’s all about. I hope the week finds you with the people you love the most, no matter which winter holiday is yours.

See you next week, and don’t forget to check out THE CHRISTMAS PRESENT: A Vampires in America Story at Nocturnal Book Reviews.


4 thoughts on “LIVING IN THE (cough) CAVE!”

  1. Your beautiful story brought tears to my eyes. However do you constantly evoke so much emotion with your words? It is a gift. Truly.

  2. Poor sweetie. *sends virtual chicken soup* Sounds like you experienced the most frightening words in the English language: “OMG – it’s airborne!” Take care of yourself, DB. Seems like everybody on the planet has gotten this nasty cold.

    Have a wonderful Christmas! And remember: You are loved far and wide.
    Cinda and “The Girls”
    Barbara (t’irla)

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