RT 2015

IMG_0211I’m back home from Dallas, TX, RT 2015. I’ve been through Dallas so many times, but never left the airport before this. I saw a little bit of the city, but mostly stayed in the hotel with all the meetings and, um, parties. But that didn’t stop the weather from making itself known. The thunder and lightning was amazing, the rain pounded so hard on the windows and skylight, that in the cafe we had to shout to be heard over it. Pretty cool, actually.

But while the weather was cool, it wasn’t the best thing about the Con. That was all of the fabulous writers and wonderful readers whom I met over those few days. I made lots of new friends, and saw so many old friends. It was great. IMG_0198IMG_0201IMG_0037IMG_0202There are more pictures on Facebook, too.

But now it’s back to real life. I have a book to finish writing, and a deadline looming. So, I’ll be spending all of my nights with Christian Duvall and the gang for the next few months. That means I’ll be dwelling in my writers’ cave for the next few weeks, a big yellow sign on the door that says, “KEEP OUT!”writer at work

I’ll be back next week with news of some upcoming events, but now I need to spend some quality time with Christian. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!