Rounding the Final Stretch, and it’s (almost) … LUCAS!

Yep, tonight’s update is a short one, because I’m this close to finishing revisions on LUCAS. Then I’ll send it off to my oh-so-talented writing partners, and while they’re tearing that apart (er, I mean reading and enjoying it) I can do the last few revisions to the first Cyn/Raphael novella and get it off to my publisher. Because, you know, the sooner I get it to HER, the sooner she’ll get it to YOU!
And speaking of Cyn and Raphael, so far they’re winning the tally on which couple I should feature in a summer Vignette. I’ve received posts here and on Facebook and elsewhere, plus e-mails, and Cyn and Raphael are ahead so far. Of course, they’re getting that e-novella, too. So, any of you who hunger for some Cyn/Raphael action will have plenty this summer, either way.
A quick BITES FIGHTS update … it looks as if Lynsay Sands is going to win the latest bracket, but that’s okay, too. It was AMAZING that DUNCAN was nominated and even more amazing that we made it through that first round. I never thought we’d get this far, and I want to thank all of you who first, nominated DUNCAN, and then went over and voted for him not once but twice. I’m walking away from this fight a very happy author. And by the way, you all should keep voting and keep checking your brackets, because there are some terrific prizes at the end of it all!
Media round-up … on the big screen, I FINALLY saw The Avengers and what a terrific movie!! I LOVED IT! Loved Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk/Bruce Banner, lusted after Chris Hemsworth as Thor (although, nothing new there, I lusted after him in THOR, too.) Robert Downey, Jr. is the perfect Tony Stark, and there was so much sly humor in this movie! Legolas! Bwahahahaha. Excellent film. Now I want to see BATTLESHIP and then PROMETHEUS! I think Logan Marshall-Green (from Prometheus) is just the sexiest guy! I loved him in Dark Blue.
Moving on down to the small screen … The Killing continues to torment viewers with a new conspiracy every effing week. Just a few more to go, and we’ll finally find out who killed Rosie. But then the question becomes … what happens next? Do Linden and Holder move on to the next case? And, if so, will they make us wait two MORE seasons to find out the killer in that one? Don’t know if I could stick around for that. GRIMM concluded (sort of) with (SPOILERS!) Nick finally telling Juliet about what he was … and doing a really lousy job of it, too! So, now, I guess Juliet is Snow White? Okaaaay. GAME OF THRONES just sort of depressed me this week. Still waiting for Jon Snow’s missing wolf, still can’t understand half of what’s going on there (and I’ve read the books, too.) And I have a question … Rob Stark and Princess Leia (or whoever) are stripping and having sex right there on the rug … don’t they worry about someone stepping into the tent? Just curious. And waiting anxiously for TRUE BLOOD’s premier with fingers crossed that they don’t completely destroy it.
Annnd down to the smallest screen, i.e., my Kindle … I’ve a few books to review this week, but they’ll wait until LUCAS’s story is on its way. Not everything I read was review-worthy (remember, I don’t really review, I recommend) but a few definitely were, so I’ll be posting those soon.
Okay, I really must get back to LUCAS, now. Happy Victoria Day to all of my Canadian readers, and a good week to all of you everywhere.

7 thoughts on “Rounding the Final Stretch, and it’s (almost) … LUCAS!”

  1. I’m sure Lynsay’s only ahead bacause she has been around longer. Considering you are relatively new to the scene, Duncan’s advancement up the voting ranks has been an acknowledgement of your outstanding writing.
    I’m sure the next time this voting comes around, you’ll blow them all out of the water!!

    All hail Vampires in America!!!!!!

    And yes, I especially love Cyn & Raphael!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Karen! Yeah, Lynsay does have a few more sales than I do! LOL

  2. Yes! Post a guard, Rob!
    And what is he going to do about his own mother setting Jamie free? Tough call for a new king.
    Ghost is not the only dire wolf to go missing. Seriously. This can’t be how the books read. It’s got to be some clumsy editing on the part of HBO, right?
    I think Aria’s (spelling?) situation has been the most nail-biting/interesting thing about the season…..and I think there’s one too many in her group, right now. 🙂

    Have a great week!

    1. Yeah, I think the whiny kid in Aria’s group should be wearing a red shirt! LOL

  3. Yay more Cyn and Raphael! I love that you keep coming back to them. Such an awesome pair. Will any of the other couples be getting a novella as well?

    1. So far, the novellas are only Cyn and Raphael. If they do well, my publisher might go for the others. But everyone wanted more Cyn/Raphael, so they got the series!

  4. YAY from me as well on more Cyn and Raphael! And can hardly wait for LUCAS! I discovered the series in March, raced through them all in about 10 days and re-read them all in April! I’m already feeling the need for another fix. Addicted to ViA!

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