BITE FIGHTS IS ON (and other stuff, too.)

BITES FIGHTS is ON! And DUNCAN won its first bracket!! That is sooo cool! And it’s all thanks to you, my wonderful readers. Unfortunately, now DUNCAN’s up against Lynsay Sands. That’s some STEEP competition, although Sands only got four votes more than DUNCAN in the first round, so there’s DEFINITELY hope! Either way, I’m thrilled to have gotten this far! HERE’S THE LINK to the voting site. You click your choices on the listing that runs across the page, and then they show up in the bracket below.
More exciting news for anyone waiting for LUCAS … 😀 I’m halfway through my first draft revisions, which puts me on target for an on-time delivery, which means … well, I’ll wait until I’m sure, but the date looks good. And I’m spending my little bit of free time searching image libraries again. There’s got to be a Lucas out there somewhere.
On the entertainment front, I STILL haven’t managed to see The Avengers! I’m really hoping for this week, but the week just got more complicated, so we’ll see. For the small screen, Once Upon A Time aired its season finale last night — MINOR SPOILAGE — the black curse has been replaced by the purple curse? And exactly how is that different? I hope the next season isn’t simply going to be a replay of this season, but with a purple haze. GRIMM was really good, on the other hand. Very creepy at the beginning, although I wish they hadn’t given away the identity of the monster so quickly. It took away most, if not all, of the creep factor. Their season finale is this week, and it looks like Nick is going to have to share his deep, dark secret. Finally!! GAME OF THRONES … lots of dirt, snow and ice. And where the f#ck are the dire wolves? Where’s Jon Snow’s Ghost?? SPOILER: The burned bodies aren’t the Stark children. But does that mean that weasely Theon killed two innocents to make himself look good? Only two more eps there, so don’t look for any answers before next season. On the other hand … TRUE BLOOD starts up on June 10, although the trailer doesn’t resemble any of the books I’ve read. As long as it has Eric and Alcide, I can make do … me and my fast forwarding remote control. 🙂
On the even smaller screen … that would be my Kindle (heh,heh) … I’ve been catching up with Lynn Viehl, C.J.Box, and a new one for me, Richard Castle. Also, John Sandford has a new Prey book out this Tuesday (can you say “Pre-order with 1-click?) which makes me very happy.
A question for my readers … if one were to write a new Vignette early this summer, who might you prefer to see featured? I’m not promising anything, but I am taking suggestions!
Finally, don’t forget to drop in on Brenda Novak’s Annual Auction. There really is some tremendous stuff being offered, for readers and writers, both. And it’s all for charity.
LUCAS awaits, so I’m off to spend some quality time listening to his lovely Irish lilt. Hope everyone’s Mother’s Day was happy, and I’ll see you next week.

12 thoughts on “BITE FIGHTS IS ON (and other stuff, too.)”

  1. I’m really very upset. Did White Walkers show up? No, but Jon being surrounded by Wildlings is almost as bad. And there’s no Ghost to be seen! I can’t take it. What’s happening? Did Martin use Ghost in key scenes only to let him disappear? Or, has HBO edited Ghost out of the series?
    There’s no way Theon has it in him to come up with the idea of burning two innocents. That had to have come from his right-hand man, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Theon was told after the fact. The season is ending way to soon….thank goodness for TrueBlood!

    About the vignette: I know they just got married, but I’d love to see Raj and Sarah. If you go with them, please consider including a psychic dream or a lesson on how to shoot a gun.
    Have a great week!

    1. Hmmm. Who’s getting the shooting lesson? I’m guessing you mean Sarah? I don’t think Raj WANTS Sarah to learn how to fire a gun! LOL

  2. Ok… The new Vignette should be about Rajmund and Sarah. They are a great couple and with Sarah being friends with Cyn and Rajmund being friends with Duncan it could be a great get together.

  3. Can’t wait for LUCAS!!! On the Vignette front: I’m a hopeless Cynthia/Raphael fan so of course I’d love a new one for them, but Duncan/Emma are a close second so one featuring them would also be fantastic!!

  4. 1. I voted

    2, 3 cheers for the Lucas progress.

    3. I didn’t see the Avengers but did catch Dark Shadows. I thought it would be funnier than it was and there is a token warewolf that just didn’t make sense. Otherwise it was an enjoyable flick with great 70’s music.

    4. I’m playing catch up with GofT online.

    5. Vignette- Ducan, Duncan, Duncan!!!!!!!!

    6. Reading- I highly rec. Colleen Gleason’s THE VAMPIRE VOSS. Vampires in the 1800’s.

  5. Cynthia/Raphael of course I’d love a book for them, and Duncan/Emma. it would be nice for all of them to come together again… like a party! Sarah….Eh.

  6. Just voted and it looks like Duncan is kicking some serious book butt!! Go Duncan!!!!

    As for a vignette – just the fact that you’re going to write one soon is too good to be true, been missing the little sidebar stories between books. So, saying that anyone you write about would be totally awesome to me! But since you want suggestions I’m a sucker for Cyn and Raphael just love them! Although Sarah and Rajmund and Duncan and Emily are close seconds and thirds. But I really feel that Sophia and Colin have more to tell us about their lives. I love them all so whoever you choose will make me extremely happy……

  7. When I first heard about The Avengers, I thought it was an update of the 1960s spy series. Shows you how out of touch I am! My daughter and sister took me to see Dark Shadows for Mother’s Day, and I’m pleased to say I really enjoyed it. I was one of those kids who used to run home from school to catch up with Barnabas and his misdeeds, so I’m glad it retained much of the flavor of the original. Plus, Johnny Depp? Nuff said!

    About a vignette? Even though Raphael holds top honors in my heart, I’ve love to read about Duncan and Emma!

    OK, gonna go vote now!

  8. I think the new vignette should be Raj & Sarah, I’m trying not to be over obsessive, cause I would love every one of them to be about Cyn & Raphael, they are and always will be my favourites.
    And I’m totally with on the Game of Thrones. Where the hell are the Dire Wolves? You guys are way ahead of us here in OZ, so it’s frustrating when I read that they are still a no show!!
    Looking forward to Lucas and Cyn & Raphale’s novella. I get tinglely all over just thinking about it!!
    Been voting and will make sure I vote again now!

    1. Thanks, Karen! I’ll have to remember that Game of Thrones isn’t on the same schedule everywhere! I have to start inserting SPOILER warnings! LOL

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