Raphael - 600x900x300RAPHAEL made his debut in AUDIBLE FORMAT this week, narrated by the wonderful Traci Odom. I’ve listened to the whole thing and couldn’t be happier.

Betrayed Reynolds - 600x900x300BETRAYED with its pretty new cover is now available on AMAZON. It’s still an ebook only, but you do get the pretty cover on your Kindle. HUNTED will have its new cover soon, too.

VampNewAnd here’s a flash from the past! By reader request, and for those of you looking for something other than a Kindle format, my VAMPIRE VIGNETTES, Volume 1 (still one of my all-time favorite covers) are available from SMASHWORDS for the next few days ONLY! After that it will be AMAZON exclusively again.

For those of you who missed it, I’ve added my story A COUNCIL OF WAR to the website here. It was part of the mini-blog tour for BETRAYED’s re-release, but you can now read it under the STORIES AND SCENES tab, or follow THIS LINK!.

And, finally, I’ve caught up to my 2014 GoodReads Challenge at last!! I have a few more books to add, so I’m hoping to get ahead of the curve. Especially since I’m heading back into an intensive writing schedule with the new Cyn & Raphael novel. Because, yep, I’ve finished the outline and have now begun writing their new story. I’m also happy to say that one of the sub-plots in the (as yet untitled) book will be a romance between a well-known supporting character and someone brand new. I’m looking forward to writing that one, too.

No movies again this week. We had some family over and we watched PACIFIC RIM, which I love. I’ve seen it a couple of times, but my visiting family had never seen it before, so that was fun. I saw an article that the movie box office was way down this summer, and they all seemed to wonder why. Maybe it’s because there weren’t any blockbuster movies this summer!!! I didn’t recognize a single film from the July 4 weekend releases and whose fault is that?? Anyway, TV is pretty much a wasteland right now, too, except for LONGMIRE which continues to be excellent. And Guillermo del Toro’s THE STRAIN started last night. I DVR’d the first ep and am looking forward to watching it. I’ve heard very good things.

My birthday was last Friday and I want to thank everyone who posted on FACEBOOK or sent me an email wishing me a happy day! So many of you did so, and it made the day so much more special! Thank you.

And now, you know the drill … Buffy is on the screen and Cyn and Raphael are waiting for me to continue their story! How great is that?

Have a fantastic week.


2 thoughts on “RAPHAEL ON AUDIBLE!”

  1. Love Longmire too but the new “Strain” was fantastic! Check it out about a vampire virus.

  2. Loving the audible on Raphael. Can’t wait for the others! I have waited a long time on VIA to come to audible. Thank you!

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