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What do Raphael and I have in common with the luscious Dean and Sam Winchester? We’re all on i-Tunes! (insert crazy laughter)

Jabril - 600x900x300Of course, we all know that wherever Raphael goes, so goes Cyn. So I’m happy to report that JABRIL is now in audio production. It takes time, but I’ll let you know as soon as it’s available.
ThorMore news of luscious men, although, on this one I’m so confused! I’m certainly no expert on Marvel’s superheroes, but … how can Thor be a woman?

I’ve been working hard on Book #9 (still untitled, though I’m working on that, too) so no movie-going this week. I did watch Guillermo del Toro’s fabulous new TV show, THE STRAIN. It looks terrific, of course, but the story is also great. And since it’s FX, you can always catch up if you miss any episodes, since they repeat their shows over and over again.

Speaking of highly anticipated shows, OUTLANDER is coming to TV August 9. I haven’t read the books yet. I have the first one on my Kindle, and I’m trying to decide if I should read it before watching the series. I’m thinking not, because there’s always such a difference between a book and a TV show or movie, that if you’ve read the books, it can be frustrating and disappointing, too. What do you think?

Okay, back to writing for me. Have a great week!


  1. I am a real fan of The Outlander series books and I really recommend reading at least book 1 before watching the series. Or at least read the first half of the book (it is long) to get a feel about the characters as Diana exquisitely portrays them in writing. I had a front row seat at Bubonicon last year in Albuquerque for Diana Gabldon’s presentation and she disclosed some really really cool things about the production of the TV series. Specifically, she related how to make the pilot as action packed as possible they had to change up the sequence of events a touch before bringing in all the backstory. This way we’ll get to meet Jaime Fraser in the past right away before getting mired in Claire’s story in the present. That won’t make sense unless you’ve read the first part of book 1. Diana is so involved every step of the way in this production that I am confident that any changes made will not be in conflict with the story. That said, I would recommend you read it first!

    1. Thanks, Stephanie. I’ll probably take your advice and read the first book, just for the set-up. 🙂

  2. Good explanation, Steph, on Outlander. I’m going to risk it and watch it cold based on the On Demand previews/interviews with DG and the producers. Everybody is quite happy and, a rarity, they’re thrilled to have the author on set and involved. Writers – you know this, DB – are usually treated like crap or out of the picture entirely.

    Now, the weirdest thing – Thor a woman!? Uh, OK, fine for the comics and hormonal teens, but don’t even try that shit on screen! Chris Hemsworth or no one. Period. And, to quote Frank Langella in 1979, “Sacrilege!”

    Rec the Strain as well. I knew nothing going in. Vaguely remembered GdT was producing something, but it was DB who reminded me. Phew! But not knowing was good. I figured it out with the box. R: “…bunch of boxes filled with some kind of durt.” D: “Transylvanian earth. I have a keen interest in botany.” 😀

    Best of all…JABRIL’s in production!! YAY! Happy dance! Woot!! Huge $$$ for her royal DBR-ness! xxoo

    1. Chris Hemsworth all the way! Sorry about the posting problems. My site maintenance guy is doing some work, so that might be why you had the problem.

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