SHIFTER PLANET:THE RETURN is now available for pre-order in e-book edition. The print edition will also be available for pre-order about a week before release, so around 10/7/19. I’ll post it as soon as it’s up.
Rachel Fortier is a much sought-after expert when it comes to exotic planets, especially the deadly kind, and she has the credentials to prove it. So when she’s hired by Earth Fleet’s most respected scientist to join a mission to the tightly closed planet Harp, it’s a dream come true.

Until she discovers their mission isn’t about science. It’s about capturing shifters and selling them to the military’s research labs.

Shifter Aidan Devlin is on a routine patrol far from city and clan when he sees a shuttlecraft landing in a place it has no reason to be. Observing the invaders who emerge, he’s fascinated by the lovely woman who remains with the ship, but in following the others, he ends up captured and put in a cage, with no one but the same woman determined to help him escape.

Drawn together by a hunger they can’t resist, and desperate to discover who betrayed Harp, Aidan and Rachel are forced into a deadly battle with predators who see even shifters as prey. Only to be confronted by a conspiracy that goes deeper than they feared, as the invaders prove they’re willing to destroy the Green, and kill anyone who gets in their way.


I’m so excited you’ll soon get to read this story. I love the world of my shifters.

There’s still time to pick up LACHLAN’s e-book on and Amazon.UK. It’s only 1.99 USD & CDN, and this sale runs out at the end of September, so only a few more days.

And that’s it for this week. I’m going back to finish DRAGAN!