Yep. I have completed the first draft of LUCAS! Squeeee! Time to begin my revisions, but those won’t take long. My first drafts aren’t very firsty. (heh, heh) And I confirmed with my publisher that LUCAS will be out in the Fall, with the very first Cyn/Raphael e-novella maybe even showing up in late Summer. Yay!
But back to LUCAS, baby! And a tiny taste of my darling vampire. This little bit is from the very first time Lucas and Kathryn meet.
She shifted her gaze deliberately to the photographs on the wall next to the fireplace, then stood and walked over to examine them more closely.
“These are beautiful,” she said, moving from one to the next. “Ireland, isn’t it?”
“Eire we call her,” Lucas murmured directly into her ear.
Kathryn’s heart slammed against her ribs. He’d somehow come out from behind his desk and walked over to stand right behind her without her being aware of it. He stood now, looking over her shoulder. He was so close she could smell the spicy scent of his skin, could feel the warmth of his breath on her cheek. She had to fight the urge to reach for her gun as she turned her head and found herself looking directly into his strange golden eyes.
He smiled, a bare upward tilt of his lips. He knew he’d startled her, and he took pleasure in it. Kathryn wanted to step away, wanted to ball up her fist and slug his beautiful, smug face. But she couldn’t do it. She could only stare and try to breathe.

If she doesn’t want him, I’ll take him! Alas, Kathryn sees the error of her ways … eventually.
Hmm, okay, what else happened this week? Well, for one, my good friend and writing partner Steve McHugh released his first book at last! He’s been teasing us for a while, but CRIMES AGAINST MAGIC is now available at Amazon! This is a fantastic Fantasy/Adventure story that blends mythology with the modern world. I recommend it highly!
The television report … Grimm is getting better, while Once Upon A Time has nearly lost me. Pinocchio? Bleah. And Regina trying to seduce David? I was embarassed for her! Game of Thrones? You know, I read those books. Granted, it was a long time ago, because that’s when they were released, and I didn’t read the latest one, because I didn’t feel like going back and re-reading the ones I’d read 5 or 6 years ago, BUT … I don’t remember some of this stuff happening. Geoffrey and his birthday present? The rats eating out the prisoners? I’m beginning to suspect Saturday Night Live was telling the truth about the show’s 13-year-old script advisor. 😀
Okay, back to work for me. I need to finish my revisions so I can pass LUCAS onto my writing partners, get their revisions done, then off to my publisher, who’ll give me more revisions. ::sigh:: And then I have to find the perfect cover image for LUCAS!
I know I’m forgetting something, but I’ll get to it next week. OMG it will be May!! Must. Word. Harder.
See you next Sunday!

6 thoughts on “LUCAS!”

  1. Thank you for that little shot of Lucas!… I am so excited and can’t wait for the release… And a novella??? Yeah! Love me some Cyn/Raphael…

    And, I am still waiting for Rajmund in ebook?? What’s up with that? I have hard copies of them all but my nook goes with me everywhere! Tell ’em to hurry it up! 🙂


  2. Ha! You could be right about that script advisor.
    Game of Thrones is becoming more and more of a nail-biter for me. I need something good to happen. I need a Disney moment…or as Disney as I can get on HBO.

    Lucas is such a character! You’re right. Kathryn will come around. She’d be crazy not to. But I hope she gives him a bit of a run. 🙂
    Is the Cyn/Raphael novella an extra or is it critical to the series?

    Have a good week!

    1. I keep wondering where John Snow’s dire wolf gets off to when he needs it! Sneaking through the wintry wastes seems like the perfect place!

      And the e-novella leads directly in to Lucas’s story. It’s not absolutely necessary, but some of what motivates Lucas happens in the e-novella, so LUCAS will make more sense if you have the background.

  3. Thanks for the quite frankly awesome, shout out. 🙂

    Yesterday was a crazy day, but crazy in a good way.

    And thanks to any of your readers who take the time to go to my blog and read my ramblings, or indeed, pick up the book. I hope you enjoy it.

  4. Thanks for pointing me to Crimes Against Magic just bought my copy.

    Look forward to Lucas I know it will be amazing

    Have a great day


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