Until … the revisions are done. Alas, ’tis true. So I’m in revision mode and will be for a while yet. Still, it’s nice to go back to the beginning and see that it really does all make sense! LOL
Staying on the subject of good books (heh, heh) I’ve updated my book recs again, both here and on GoodReads, adding the latest Sookie Stackhouse, among others. Sookie will be leaving fictionland soon, but having read two of Harris’s other series, I’m sure she has something equally wonderful in store for us. And there’s always TRUE BLOOD, which will be returning soon (June 10th) with the in-the-flesh versions of Eric and Alcide … ‘nuf said. 😀
More good books talk, I’m still hunting for a replacement for my beloved Mitch Rapp (by Vince Flynn), still in withdrawal. I’ve tried a couple of others, haven’t given up completely, but haven’t found the new drug yet, either. Thankfully, John Sandford has a new Prey book out soon, so that will fill in the blanks a bit. And speaking of new and future books, I was a pre-ordering fiend this last week! I went a little crazy with the Kindle 1-click button, preordering into October. But some of my favorite authors have books coming out, and I couldn’t resist. I L.O.V.E. checking my Kindle and finding my new book is HERE already! Such a great feeling.
In televisionland, I’ve run out of episodes of Criminal Minds to distract me while I exercise–I’m all caught up on that series. In looking for a replacement, someone suggested The Killing, which I’ve tried, and it’s great! Except now I read that we won’t find out who killed Rosie until the END OF SEASON 2! WTF! That pisses me off, because Season 2 is running now and just started on April 12! Grrrrrrr. So I’m still looking for a series that’s like six or seven seasons old to occupy me and my elliptical for awhile. I don’t particularly like CSI type shows, I do like police procedurals, but don’t really like the whole Law and Order, SVU and all that. I guess I like Criminal Minds, because even though it’s the same investigators, they move around to different cities and solve unique crimes. Oh, well. Maybe I’ll try Being Human, since I’m all caught up on The Fringe. Or, hey! Maybe I should exercise less! ::sigh:: That’s not gonna happen.
More televisionland with GRIMM getting better with every episode (now that the season’s almost over!) By the way, how come Nick doesn’t know his Captain is a whatever-he-is, but the Captain knows Nick is a Grimm?? Does Nick only recognize the monsters if they get nervous and do a face-shift in front of him? That’s not very useful. Moving on … ONCE UPON A TIME … hmmm. I still don’t really see how they can drag that one out for another season, but clearly they’re going to try. GAME OF THRONES had some more 13-year-old boy stuff, but some good stuff, too. Loved the scene with Joffrey freaking out about the cowpie, and rushing to safety, while only Tyrion thought to worry about Sansa. A very tense scene with poor Sansa, too. And I can’t figure out if The Hound (whom Joffrey calls “Dog”) is really loyal to Joffrey, or just the throne. He clearly hates it when Joff calls him “Dog.” And thank God someone (Tyrion, of course) finally slapped that little asshole! Once again, Jon Snow is stuck in the frozen wastes with no dire wolf! What’s up with Ghost?? And where was Bran’s wolf (usually so attentive) when that weasel Theon Greyjoy strode in like a drunken rooster? What a loser he is. Good series. Only wish HBO had longer seasons!
Before I go, I want everyone to click over to BRENDA NOVAK’S AUCTION FOR THE CURE OF DIABETES. This is a terrific annual event, and if you scroll through the offered items/services, you’ll be amazed. All sorts of wonderful things from your favorite authors, to beautiful jewelry, and fabulous vacations. Some really incredible stuff. I bid every year and I’ve won a few auctions too!
Oh yum. As I write this, I have GLADIATOR with RUSSELL CROWE on the screen (no sound, too distracting.) He is so effing good in that, you don’t even need sound. What a beautiful man. ::swoon::
::cough:: Okay, I’m back. But only long enough to say good-bye for now. I have to get some more revisions done, gotta get LUCAS on his way.
See you all back here next Sunday. Have a great week, and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all of my U.S. and Canadian readers. I’m saying it early since by the time I write my post next week, the day will be over for everyone except … well, me, since I stay up all night long.


  1. OMG! I love reading your round up of your favourite TV shows. You and I must be soul sisters from another time. Criminal Minds has always been a huge favourite of mine and I total agreed when you previous said you found GRIMM a bit repetitive. LOL, you are so go the ball with the whole, how can Nick not know what his captain is. I can’t comment on Once Upon A Time as it is only due to premier here in OZ next week. Should I even bother? And Game of Thrones, I absolutely love it, and the seasons are definitely too short. We are only up to episode 4 Season 2 here!
    Looking forward to the release of Lucas, but especially the novella about Cyn & Raphael. They will always be my favourite couple!
    Love your books, take care and keep writing. You Rock Girl!

    1. Thanks, Karen! You should tune in to Once Upon a Time just because it’s a unique premise, and David (Prince Charming) is a cutie. We’re only 6 episodes into the second season of Game of Thrones, so not that far ahead of you. By the way, someday I WILL get to Australia and New Zealand!! It’s on my list!

  2. Fabulous update! I can not wait for Lucas but I have to say what a great way to get to know you! You have wonderful taste in television shows and a real nack for pegging the characters flaws, just like in your books. I think The Hound is in love with Sansa! I wish Rob could have the little nurse. & who the Hell stole the DRAGONS!!!!????
    Have a great week. PS Being Human (non-UK version) is really good this season! ;0)

  3. At my house, there was much cheering and clapping when Joffrey got slapped. Felt good. My take is that The Hound is loyal to the throne, really hates Joffrey, and is in love with, or falling for, Sansa. If he could get away with it, killing Joffrey would solve a lot of problems for him, right?
    You’ve been right all along about the dire wolves, but this week it really got to me. Ghost roaming abroad…I can deal with that since Jon’s with a group. I’ll forgive him for not being there to keep Jon from freezing to death (He’s got a girl with him after all.). But, if some White Walkers show up, there better be a dire wolf chewing on them. If not…no cookie for you Ghost! And somebody wasn’t thinking as they wrote: If enemy soldiers show up, with dire wolves in Winterfell, somebody’s going to get maimed at the very least. If they are out marking their territory or something, I’m not buying that they can sneak back in without anyone the wiser.

    Now on to something really important. Lucas is very dear to me already. I think of him often, and pondering possible conflicts, wondering about new characters, considering the overall series arc: these are all things that I’m used to thinking about when a new book is coming out (not soon enough). But, this time I can’t get a question out of my head. It’s crazy. I don’t know why it matters, because it really doesn’t. This is like the song that gets stuck in your head. Have mercy on me: What color is Kathryn’s hair?
    Take Care!

    1. Kathryn’s hair is long and blond. She normally wears it in a tight French braid for work, but with LUCAS sometimes resorts to a high and tight ponytail because it’s easier, and because she’s not “officially” at work. Lucas, of course, likes it loose and long, likes to “unbutton” the tightly buttoned Kathryn. 🙂

  4. Hi can’t for Lucas! Also just wondering, will there be a new Cyn/Raphael novella?

    As for tv dramas, I love Criminal Minds too. you might want to catch The Mentalist or Castle (more fluffy and happier IMO). And oh the BBC version of Sherlock is absolutely fantastic!

    1. Hi Yvonne, I watch the Mentalist every week, very clever. Cho is my favorite guy! Didn’t like Castle very much, despite the presence of Nathan Fillion who will always have my heart because of Serenity. I’ll have to check out Sherlock–I haven’t heard of that one!


  5. opps just read your earlier post about the novella being out in Summer, really looking forward to it 🙂

  6. Can’t wait to read all about Lucas. I’ve never been much into cowboys, but a cowboy with fangs? Yeah, I could definitely get into that!

    I thought the same thing about Grimm: Why do all the creatures know right off that Nick is a Grimm, but they have to pretty much morph right in front of Nick for him to figure out what they are?

    If you watch Being Human I highly recommend the BBC version instead of the SyFy version. Aiden’s all right, but he can’t hold a candle to the awesomeness that is Mitchell!

    1. Argh! Sylvie! I’ve actually watched ALL of the BBC Being Human series. I really loved it, and loved Mitchell, too, except I did wish he’d wash his hair. LOL


  7. Do you watch Lost Girl on sci-fy? I love that show you have variety of fae creatures. I had to dump Grimm off my DVR I just couldn’t get into it. Lov’n Once Upon A time, now I’m wondering if that purple mist Mr. Gold released is also going to give Regina her magic back? Can’t wait for Eric I mean True Blood to start back up!! As for any ideas on a novella I would love to read more Raj & Sarah. But I ALWAYS LOVE reading more Rapheal & Cyn regardless if they have there own novella coming out.

    1. Thanks, Charmaine!
      Someone else recommended Lost Girl. I’ll have to check it out in reruns.
      About the purple mist and Regina’s magic SPOILER … she looked awfully happy at the end when she saw it coming over the hills, so I”m guessing yes, that her magic is definitely back.

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