8 thoughts on “LUCAS IS HERE!!!!”

  1. Just found it! But….a search for “Lucas DB Reynolds” got me nothing. Search “Lucas Vampires in America”. Gotta’ go read!

  2. It didn’t show up when I searched for it earlier in the evening so it was a lovely surprise when I woke up early this morning and found Lucus waiting for me before dawn. I leave on vacation out of the country on Sunday and I really wanted to take your sexy Vampire cowboy and his FBI agent with me on my trip. Thank you.

  3. Got it this morning! Had been checking obsessively all week, even on the iPad in the car. Reading now!

  4. I”m 25% of the way through and trying to SLOW DOWN!! Ack! I am loving this book, wheeeeeeeeee!!!

  5. I just finished Lucas and I am starting it all over again! LOVED IT! Love Lucas and Katie!!! Dayummmm, D.B.!! Fan-freakin’tastic book! lol

    Gotta go now…


    I’m on page 29 and Kathyn’s about to meet up with Lucas…

  6. Just finished lucas.Thank you .Really enjoyed it.Finished in 2 days….
    Well done ms reynolds… love all your books… everyone… this is one of my favourite besides raphael… of course…

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