Yes, my sweet LUCAS couldn’t wait. He showed up early this week in AMAZON’S KINDLE STORE and so far, my readers seem to like him. In fact, a few have even said … well, let’s just say certain other of my vampires have moved down the list a bit. Turns out Lucas is a very popular guy.

Right now, he’s only available in KINDLE FORMAT, but you can pre-order the print books from both Amazon and And the links for that are …



LUCAS is also listed in the AMAZON UK STORE, although when I pull it up, it says pricing isn’t available. On the other hand, I’ve already had feedback from some of my UK readers, so I’m pretty sure that’s just because the UK site won’t let me order from the U.S.
I also have several guest post/giveaways going this week. First up is There’s an interview with Lucas, and a pretty cool giveaway, too. If you were having problems with the Rafflecopter entry, it’s been fixed, so DROP BY AND ENTER!
The giveaway will run until November 5th (extended deadline because of the Rafflecopter complications.)
Next is Paranormal Haven’s HALLOWEEN AT THE HAVEN 2012 on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30TH!
There’s another great giveaway, PLUS an exclusive short story tale of Lucas’s visit to the local Harvest Festival.
I’ll be over at I SMELL SHEEP where Sharon and Katie took time out from their preparations for the Zombie Apocalypse to interview your favorite author (ahem, me), plus yet another great giveaway!

And I think that’s it for me this week! Lots of stuff going on with my new sweetheart, Lucas! I hope you’ll all love him as much as I do.
In the meantime, if you live in Sandy’s path, please take care of yourself and be safe. I want you all right back here with me next week, when I’ll have lots more giveaways, plus the first reviews.

Signing off from sunny So Cal (I’m sorry!)

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  1. I just finished reading the Kindle version. I loved it. I am also ordering the actual book- I need something physical to hold on to. I didn’t think anyone could be as good as Raphael (yes, the other are great, but Raphael……….) but Lucas comes very close.

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