new caveSo, here’s the deal about being in the cave … nothing much else happens. I’ve been spending my days and nights writing, slurping down Diet Cherry Coke to stave off sleep.

EPIC DeceptionBut then THIS happened! I was so happy to learn that DECEPTION had been nominated for an EPIC award. I love that book, love what it says about Cyn & Raphael. Plus there’s Elke and Mal! Recognition like this keeps a writer going when lost in the depths of the cave.

And don’t forget NATALIE’S DREAM which, in the longstanding tradition of Vampire Vignettes, will only be available for a limited time. Catch it while you can. And while you’re there, pay a visit to RHODRY and AIDAN as they roam the Green and get ready for the next Shifter Planet adventure.

And now it’s back into the cave for yours truly. Things are getting hot in the Midwest with Cassandra and Damian. Who are these people, you ask? You’ll have to wait and read the first book of Nick’s spin-off series, The Stone Warriors. But there won’t be a book if I don’t get back to it.

So, have a great week. Stay warm and dry.


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