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do_not_disturb_writer_at_work_skull_door_knob_hanger-rba36934ad4c84b5a9e4f0be0196ede45_i98jt_8byvr_324There are lots of Writer at Work signs that warn you not to disturb on pain of being killed off in the next novel. I thought this one was more appropriate. Forget the next novel. If you interrupt me right now, you’re going down in this world, right now.

Okay, so maybe not that bad. Maybe if you’re a stranger at Starbuck’s, but since most of my writing is done at home, the only person there to interrupt me is the DH. I can’t kill him, right? Or even hurt him. On the other hand, I’ve been pretty grumpy lately, so he might be ready to kill me instead. 😀

And that’s all I have this week, because that’s all I’ve been doing this week. I promise once I turn this book in (and before I begin the next, or the revisions on the novella ::sigh::) I’ll do a giveaway to celebrate the coming of Valentine’s Day. I’ll finish before Valentine’s, but we’ll start celebrating early.

I’m also greatly anticipating Las Vegas in April at the RT Booklovers Convention. Unfortunately, I probably won’t be doing the giant Book Fair, because although I signed up before noon on the very first day of sign-up, I’m wait-listed. Guess Vegas is a really popular venue, lots of authors joining in. There’s always a chance I’ll clear the Wait List, but I’ll be figuring out a couple of smaller, private events for my readers to get together and get books signed. Details on that will wait until it’s much closer to the event.

And now, it’s definitely back to work. I’ve got to edit that sex scene I wrote earlier today, and then move on to the next battle with the bad guys.

Have a great week, and if you live here in the U.S., enjoy your 3-day MLK holiday weekend. Hopefully when I see you next weekend, I’ll be damn near finished with this book.


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