I’m sorry for the long silence. I’ve actually been working hard on Antônio’s book, doing lots of research. I visited Portugal not too long ago. In fact, it was part of my last trip to Europe before the pandemic shut the world down. But Antônio is vampire old, which means lots of history that’s well before the dates of my real-life visit. So…research. Not my favorite part of the process, but it must be done. I’m writing, too, of course. I’m not spending all my time in the dusty halls of history. But it’s early going in the writing process, which means I’m still learning and refining my characters as I go. I do love Antônio, who’s the one character I know well. He’s a complicated guy, though, because that’s always been the kind of man I’m attracted to. Brilliant and neurotic? Lemme at him! lol

I’m currently waiting for the final cover, so I decided to share Nick’s baby picture instead. I’ve always pictured Nick as a teddy bear kind of guy. What do you think? But I digress…I now have news on the release date for NICODEMUS! At last! It’s May 28, 2021, and as usual it will be available for pre-order before then—probably a couple weeks. I expect that date to hold, though as I’ve said before, it’s a long book, which means every step toward release takes longer. And there’s our old friend the pandemic, which has at least partially shut down many printing facilities. But for now, NICODEMUS looks good for May 28th! I’m so excited to share Nick’s story with all of you. So many times and places he had to visit and/or live, before he could finally find his own HEA.

And while you wait for NICODEMUS, you can console yourself (or your friends) with ADEN’s book. which is on sale this month. Only $0.99 for the e-book on all the usual platforms. I do love Aden, because…neurotic and brilliant, right?

Okay, back to working on Antônio’s story for now. I’ll post NICODEMUS’s cover as soon as I have it, and any updates on the pre-order. Have a good week. Stay safe, and get a vaccination when you can. It’s our best chance of knocking this thing down, so we can all return to our lives and adventures.

Wear a mask!


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