Just a quick note…

This was pretty much the view from my house this past weekend. An arsonist decided on Saturday that it would be fun to burn down some houses and send a few neighborhoods into evacuation. Fortunately, we have great firefighters, and equally great air support. No one was injured except the arsonist. (hah!) Three separate fixed-wing aircraft spent Monday morning (5/17) dumping fire retardant along the fire front, so all evac orders were lifted that evening. It’s the price for living in one of the most peaceful and lovely places in the world.

Eddie and I remained safe during the entire event, though it was adding insult to the year-long lockdown! But we’re back to routine already, with her sleeping on my lap as I work. Such a sweet kitty. I don’t know what I’d have done without her this past year. She saved my sanity, that’s for sure.

Back to work now. I should have news on NICODEMUS’s release and pre-order this week. The release date is still the end of May, but I’m waiting on the specific date and to learn when the pre-order will go up. The process moves a bit slower with everyone at the publisher’s working from home, plus the printer running a reduced schedule because of COVID slowdown. But I expect the pre-order to go up very, very soon, plus I should have a cover this week.

Stay safe out there, and get vaccinated for yourself and your community. ❤😷