Hunted---Cyn-and-Raphael-hi-rezPretty, yes? And the release date is late July. That’s the official release date, but you know how it works with e-books around here. Things sometimes show up early. 😀 I’m planning a big blog tour for HUNTED in August. There will be lots of dates, lots of giveaways, including a few limited edition print copies. There will be a blog tour for ADEN, too, but that’s for later.

I’ve also seen the early concept cover for ADEN and it’s amazing. Aden has tattoos which are very specific to his history, and I was worried that we’d never be able to capture those. But the artist did it! Can’t wait to show you that one, too, but my publisher is planning something very special around Aden’s cover, so you’ll have to wait and see. It’s going to be great, though!

In other news … oh wait, there is no other news. It’s summertime–albeit not officially–which means nothing going on. Hot weather and reruns. Well, almost nothing but reruns. There was the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, just in case you hadn’t already seen enough blood and death. Oh, my. I’d forgotten about that part. Well done, though. One more episode, and then we wait almost a year, darn it. On the other hand, one of my favorite shows, Longmire, has returned for its summer run. Excellent season premiere, too. And True Blood returns on June 16th, so I can lust after Alexander Skarsgard for a while.

On the homefront, I’m sloooowly getting my office back in shape. I had to buy a new cabinet—the old one was too water-logged—but I wanted one that matched the rest of my furniture. Found it on-line, of course, and it showed up on my front porch last week. My UPS man knows my house well, I’m a devoted on-line shopper. Anyway, my first realization when I saw the box was … I’m going to have to assemble this thing. And the second one was that it was HEAVY. I mean really, really heavy! Poor UPS guy! And poor me, too. So, I “walked” it through my tiled entryway, after which I was able to slide it along the carpet back to my office. Then I opened the box, took out all the packages and pieces … and just stared. There were a bazillion parts! A hardware store full of screws and posts and sliders and OMG! But I’m nothing if not determined, so I inventoried everything, organized it neatly–of course–and set to work. It took three nights–not the entire night, but as much as I was willing to devote to sitting on the floor with my handy power screwdriver (thank you, Zara!) in any one night. But anyway, I got the damn thing all put together, it fit perfectly in the spot it had to slide into, and it looks great. Little victories, people, little victories.

Of course, I’m still spending the bulk of my nights with ADEN. Staying up into the wee hours, listening to the coyotes howl and the bunnies squeal. Sad but true…about the bunnies. But coyotes have to eat too, and actually, it’s not even that sad. We have lots and lots of wild rabbits around here, so the population is not in any danger. My neighbor has pet rabbits, and I can’t help but wonder why. I have at least three rabbits eating my grass on any given evening. They’re just as good as pets, without the cage cleaning part. They’re probably much happier than the “pets” living in their cages, too. But that’s just me. 😀

Okay, back to my Aden, whom Sidonie has described as “…infuriating, chauvinistic, high-handed … gorgeous, powerful and intensely masculine hunk of vampire …”

Heh, heh. I think she likes him.

Have a great week, and I’ll see you back here, same time as always!


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