D.O.N.E. That’s how! Yes! Duncan’s story has been told. You all won’t get to read it until December, but I sure loved writing it. And since today just happens to be my birthday, it’s a nice little gift to myself that I can send this one off to my publisher ahead of schedule. Well, that, and the spa visit I’m indulging in a bit later this afternoon, and then there’s dinner with my darling husband, of course. 😉

I’m not giving away any details yet. You’ll just have to wait for it. But next up is Lucas, my cowboy vampire—long, rangy and just a bit irreverent, even when it comes to the Big Bad, Raphael. I’m looking forward to telling his story, but not just yet. I’ll probably take a month off before undertaking the next big project. After all, I need to write a new Vampire Vignette first, right? And there are a couple of other projects I want to do some background on, maybe sketch out a couple of stories. Plus there’s that HUGE to-do list I’ve been adding to while I pushed everything aside to complete DUNCAN! lol

I do have a new interview coming up on July 20th, and another after that, but I’ll give you the details on those when they get closer.

In the meantime, I want to thank all of my readers who continue to buy my books and to tell their friends about them, and especially the readers who have left such wonderful reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. I’d be nowhere without all of you.

I’ve updated my What I’m Reading Now list and expect to add quite a few more books now that DUNCAN is on his way.

And now, I think I’ll stay up late and READ a book! (hee,hee)

See you next week.


15 thoughts on “HOW DO YOU SPELL DUNCAN?”

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday! Enjoy your pampering at the spa. That’s a really nice gift to give yourself.

  2. Happy Birthday and congratulations on completing Duncan’s story. I am soooo looking forward to his story.

    1. I’ll be rerunning the previous Vignettes sometime this summer, leading up to the new Vignette. Now that I’ve completed Duncan, I can take a look at the calendar and figure out exactly when. I’ll post the schedule as soon as I figure everything out. Thanks!


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, hope it’s a great one! And here you are, giving presents to US instead! Congrats on finishing Duncan ahead of time and have a great spa day!!

  4. Happy belated birthday wishes to you.Thank you for a wonderful tale in sophia…luv it.Say how about an excerpt on duncan… its a long wait to dec,,, pretty please with big cherries on top…

    Best wishes and peace to you.

    kam luen

  5. I love Mondays because I get to hear whats new with my favorite vampires. Missed you today :(…

    1. Sorry, Jen. Bit of unexpected excitement this week, and not the fun kind. But I’m back and reasonably sane, so that’s something! Thanks for missing me! 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday!! (I know it’s late)
    Wonderful news about Duncan! Love, love The Vampires in America. Raphael and Cyn are fabulous, and so are the rest of the gang. 🙂

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