Valentines 2014As promised, I’ve been busy this Valentine’s Day. I guess writing about Aden and Sidonie, and Cyn and Raphael, and Vincent and BHW all in the same six months makes me feel the love.

So, here we go. First up is my interpretation of what expensive lingerie would think … if it had a brain. That can be found over at my friend Gareth’s blog FALCATA TIMES. I think it says something about my twisted mind that I chose to write about sentient underwear. 😀

And then as promised, a brand new VAMPIRE VIGNETTE just for VALENTINE’S DAY 2014.


And Happy Valentine’s Day!


7 thoughts on “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! 2014”

  1. Oh, my, DB! Fabulous! Not just a slice of life but an event – a huge event in Lucas and Katie’s life and love. Very special – thank you, darlin’! Or, since you’re writing Vincent, thank you, querida!

  2. I am so glad you re-released these books!! Some how I missed them the first go round! I have not been disappointed at all! You are a great storyteller!! Thank you for my hour of entertainment!!

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