Once again, I’m deep into a new book—this time, Vincent’s story—so I’m just doing a fly-by post. Especially since the BIG post happened on last Friday, Valentine’s Day. In case you missed it, I went a little crazy this year. First up was a brand new VAMPIRE VIGNETTE just for the holiday.
Valentines 2014But then I added a story about lingerie … from the lingerie’s POV. Strange but true. You can check it out at my friend Gareth’s site FALCATA TIMES.

I want to thank all of my readers who wrote and posted how much they loved the Vignette and the lingerie too, and all of you who wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day. I have the best readers in the world!

And now for a few updates … I posted this on Facebook, but I’ll post it here, too. Aden - 600x900x300For those of you who use Kobo … ADEN is finally available, and it only took them two months! Now, if only they’d catch up on the earlier re-released titles, not to mention the novellas. HERE’S THE LINK to ADEN for you, since Kobo’s search engine leaves a hella lot to be desired.

As for naming Vincent’s love interest … BHW (Bounty Hunter Woman) has a tentative name, but I’m holding it close until I’m sure. I’ll write a few more chapters and make sure it flows. Speaking of flowing, however, the chapters are definitely flowing, and I’m a terrible, fickle person, because my new object of lust is Vincent. Think tall, dark and Latino … black hair that’s always too long, chocolate brown eyes, long, lean … what’s not to lust over? BHW is pretending she doesn’t notice. As if. On the other hand, it drives Vincent NUTS! So, you go, girl! 😀

Let’s see … small screen was limited this week because of the Olympics, but there were a few bright spots. BITTEN (based on Kelley Armstrong’s terrific series) is finally finding its rhythm. I’m beginning to wish it was a movie, so I wouldn’t have to wait a week in between! And both ALMOST HUMAN and INTELLIGENCE had new episodes, both very good. JUSTIFIED, too, with Jonathan from Buffy (Danny Strong) as a predatory prison guard. I also caught up on ARROW, although I was disappointed to learn that Season 2 is still going on. I thought for sure the series was in Season 3 and I’d have a whole season to binge watch. Bummer. It’s good for the cursed elliptical.

The DH and I watched RUSH, the racing movie with Chris Hemsworth. I think I liked it more than the DH, but then I grew up in L.A.’s car culture, so fast driving has a natural appeal. Both to watch and to do. And Chris Hemsworth isn’t exactly hard on the eyes, either. Bad DB, Bad! 😀

Other than that, I’m back to letting Buffy roll on the TV while I write, and I STILL cry at all the same places. In fact, I know the series so well that I TURN THE VOLUME UP on those scenes, so that I can watch them and cry! Clearly a lost cause.

Oh, and I almost forgot, now that I’ve finished with the galley proofs on the re-releases, I’m reading again and will soon have several books to add to my 2014 Book Challenge. Nothing spectacular yet, but a few enjoyable reads. A couple of my favorite authors have books out this week, though, so I expect that assessment to change!

And now it’s back to Vincent for me. Have a wonderful week, and to all of my U.S. readers, enjoy your Presidents’ Day Holiday Weekend!


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  1. I not only love the books but I live the same tv shows too. I haven’t seen bitten yet but been hearing about it and can’t wait

  2. That was just fabulous! Your writing just gets better and better. Thank you very much.

    A Sincerely Happy Follower,
    Judy Peterson

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