Welcome to 2017, and good riddance to 2016. There was some good stuff … DAMIAN and LUCIFER, and all of the wonderful people I had the chance to meet in Las Vegas at the RT Booklovers Convention. And two beautiful new baby nephews. But for the rest of it?

This pretty much sums up how I feel about 2016.

I’m crossing my fingers for 2017, but …..

Rounding up 2016, I did manage to complete my 2016 GoodReads Challenge just under the wire, apparently with two books to spare. Yay me!

I signed up for a new challenge in 2017, but I’m giving myself a break this time, only aiming for 125 books. If I read more, then even better.

My holiday giveaway is closed, but I have one more that’s still open … the 12 Days of Christmas over at FreshFiction.com has a few more days to run. I’m giving away a $25 Amazon card, plus a copy of LUCIFER. And there are great prizes from other authors, too.

Happy January (let’s work this year one month at a time, okay?) 😀

I’m back to Kato and Grace, nothing but good vibes there.