This was a quiet week. I got lots of writing done, or rather revising. The first 3/4 of Sophia have been shipped off to my critique partners. The last bit will go in the next day or so. This is the most difficult part, the part where someone other than me reads the story for the first time. It’s nerve wracking, because if they don’t like it, I’m back at square one … or very close to it. But with a lot less time!

We’ll see what my brilliant partners have to say. I always tell them to be brutal … as if they need encouragement.

My books did get a very nice mention from Paranormal Bites this week. It was a promo for the RAPHAEL Interview I did at Paranormal Haven, and it had very good things to say about my Vampires.

And speaking of the Raphael Interview, I received a lot of feedback on that and all of it good! By the way, the interviewer in that piece was definitely NOT ME. I wrote it from an anonymous writer’s POV. I like to think Raphael and I would communicate much better than that, seeing as I know him so well. And there’d be NO doubt about which of the vamps had bitten MY neck. (EG)

I’ll be switching over to NaNo mode as soon as I finish the Sophia revisions. I’m all signed up, my profile is updated and ideas are popping into my head at all hours for my NaNo project. I should have a week to do the outline and then it’s 30 days of crazy. This new project is something I’ve never tried before and I don’t know if it will work out or not. But it will be fun trying.

And now … that’s right … Back to Sophia.


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