As the headline says, it took a lot of persuasion (i.e., pressure from Cyn) but Raphael has granted his first ever interview. It should be posted early Monday morning and you can read the reporter’s take on the entire experience at Paranormal Haven today. It’s an interview and more by yours truly. Something to carry my readers until I finish the Sophia revisions and can start working on a new Vignette!

But wait, there’s more! LOL

Actually, that’s the most exciting news for my readers. For me, there’s my new author listing over at Vampire Romance Books. Very pretty!

And finally, a fun site which the wonderful author Adrian Phoenix turned me on to — a web site which takes the pain out of trying to follow your favorite authors’ series! Enter the author’s name and this site will tell you which books, in which order for that author! Pretty cool idea! Check it out at FictFact.com

I’ll be doing my monthly post at Flirty Author Bitches on Tuesday, talking about the joys of RevisionLand.

And a belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada. I’ve been dwelling in Vancouver on and off with Sophia for a few months now, so I feel like I should celebrate along with you!

And finally … a call out to my readers — does anyone speak Portuguese? Or know anyone who does? Preferably the Brazilian variety, since I’d like some colloquialisms. I’ve been using an on-line site I found for tourists, but I would really love to find a fluent speaker instead. I may have to switch to Spanish otherwise!!

Okay. You’re probably getting tired of hearing (or reading) this by now, but here it is again … Back to Sophia for me!


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