Well, honestly, despite these cool Klingon pumpkins, it’s not Halloween so much as it is … LUCAS!! My new favorite vampire just happens to debut on the eve of Halloween, and it can’t come soon enough for me. And just to prove it …
But wait! We’ve got some BETRAYED news up first! I’m over at READING BETWEEN THE WINES BOOK CLUB with a guest post on WHY VAMPIRES? (I mean, really, why NOT?) and an excerpt from BETRAYED, as well as a GIVEAWAY. Stop by, take a read, leave a comment, gimme some love, enter the giveaway …
Oooh, I have BUFFY on my TV (no sound – I’ve seen all the eps at least twice) and it’s the episode where Faith takes over Buffy’s body. Excellent! 😀
I caught up on my book reviews this week, a whole bunch of reviews!! You can find all of them on
A very short small-screen report, mostly because there’s not much to report! I saw my favorite Spec Ops guys in action on a new episode of STRIKE BACK (Cinemax)– love that show! And Saturday Night Live had its season debut … although, as bad as it was, they might want to pretend it never happened. I’m a fan of Seth MacFarlane, but, man, this was not good. And why, if Fred Armisen isn’t leaving, did they switch over to Jay Pharoah as Obama? I’ve never thought Pharoah’s impressions were all that great, and his Obama was not good at all. But then neither was the show. Even Seth Meyer’s Weekend Update was dull. “Disappointed!” (Anyone recognize that one word line? Know the movie?)
And now, about my sweet LUCAS … a small excerpt just because I can’t wait!! (This is from the final draft, not yet edited by my publisher, so it might not be exactly what shows up in the book.)
He found Kathryn exactly where Nicholas said she’d be, with the sweet smell of fresh hay and horses all around her, using a curry comb on Sassy, who despite her name, was one of his more mild-tempered mares. Kathryn had donned a pair of faded denims, and they showed her ass to perfection, just as he’d known they would. Much better than the boxy slacks she’d worn the previous night. The barn was warm, despite the cool night air, and she was working hard. A tailored blouse hung outside the box stall, leaving Kathryn in a stretchy white tank top that accented her smoothly muscled arms with every stroke of the comb.
Lucas tilted his head and listened. Kathryn was talking to the horse as she worked, speaking so softly that even his vampire hearing couldn’t pick up the words.
He started to say her name, then changed his mind. She was so entranced with the animal and the repetitive motion of the curry comb that she hadn’t even noticed he was there. The mare noticed him, of course. But after a soft whicker of greeting, she ignored him. Which left only Kathryn. Walking as quietly as only a vampire can, he stepped up right behind her and dipped his face into the crook of her neck, inhaling deeply as he deposited a soft kiss just below her right ear.
Kathryn gasped and spun around, her hand going to her hip, looking for the weapon she’d left sitting on the tack box beneath her shirt. That didn’t hamper her any, however. She swung the damn curry comb instead, and if he hadn’t been a vampire, he’d have been wearing more than a few stripes on his face.
Lucas caught her wrist gently, laughing in both surprise and appreciation. He did love a woman with spirit. And he should have expected it from Kathryn Hunter, he thought ruefully. After all, a woman didn’t make it in the man’s world of the FBI without being able to take care of herself. Nor did such a woman traipse halfway across the country looking for her missing brother. He was lucky he wasn’t sporting a bloody face about now.
Kathryn wrenched her arm away from him and shoved him back a step. Neither of which she could have done if he hadn’t let her, but she didn’t know that yet.
“You’re lucky that pretty face of yours is still intact,” she snarled angrily.
Lucas widened his eyes. “Was that a compliment, Agent Hunter?”
“No, you ass, that was a warning. Don’t ever sneak up on me again. What if I’d been armed?”
“Then I trust you’d have held me gently as I bled onto all this nice, clean straw.”
She bit her cheek trying not to smile, but it was a lost battle. “Are you ever serious?” she said, trying to recover lost ground.
“Only when I have to be.”
Okay, so say it with me … COME ON, HALLOWEEN!


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