CHRISTIAN’s audio is now available!! I’ve listened to the whole thing, and Nick J. Russo did a terrific job as always. Yay!



More sales! ADEN’s e-book is only $0.99 until the end of the February, so only a few days left. This is a great price if you’re trying to catch up with the series.

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Remember this sale only lasts until February 28th. No leap year on this short month.

And finally, no links yet, but be aware that SHIFTER PLANET is going to be part of BookBub’s Paranormal Romance promotion on February 27th. That means the e-book will be available for only $0.99 from 2/26/19 to 03/04/19. Four days only, so if you want to be ready for Shifter Planet 2, and haven’t read the first book yet, this is your chance. Remember: It doesn’t start until February 26. If you subscribe to BookBub’s notices, you’ll see it there, too. I’ll be announcing it on the 26th to remind you–Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Oh, and I almost forgot this one! I’ll be at the SHAMELESS BOOK CON (CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE FOR THE LINK) in Orlando, FL in October. This convention sells out every year, and tickets go on sale this Wednesday, February 27th.

And now …. yep, back to work. The revisions for LACHLAN are almost finished. I’m happy with this book, especially the revised version. I sure hope you all will like it as much as I do. I’ll be sending it back to the lovely Brenda Chin this week, and while I wait for line edits to come back (that’s the next stage) I’ll unpack some boxes here at the house. I’m a tad compulsive about my environment. (heh heh) I want everything back in its place, so I can have a fresh start to write DRAGAN! I have so many notes on him already. He’s a complicated character. Those wings …

Have a great last few days of February 2019, a month we’ll all remember for the damn weather. I’m happy we got some rain here in SoCal. Not so happy that an irrigation pipe broke, and between that and all the rain, water flooded one of my bedrooms. Guess who’ll be re-installing the new wood floor in that room? Oh, well. Good thing I bought extra wood. And it’s not the entire room, so I won’t have to move ALL the damn furniture AGAIN!

But what was I saying? Oh, yeah … Happy End of February!