LACHLAN is away! MORE SALES and DBR is watching movies!

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So, the LACHLAN revisions went back to my editor, and I took a day off, just because. Mostly I watched movies that I’ve wanted to see, but couldn’t take the time away from LACHLAN. He’s very demanding. The first movie I watched was FREE SOLO. It’s a documentary about Alex Honnold, an American who’s considered one of the best free climbers in the world.

There are no car chases in this movies, but it’s fascinating. When Alex climbs, they show the distance to the ground, and there’s nothing but his own body keeping him in place on these incredible cliffs. If he slips, he dies. Most of the documentary is about his determination to free climb El Capitan in Yosemite, which is 3000 vertical feet of granite. For those who don’t know, free climbing is without ropes. It was terrifying and amazing in equal parts.

I’m not going to spend the entire week watching movies, however. I’m going to be unpacking boxes, instead! The thrills never end around here. I get obsessed when I’m on a writing project, but now I want to go back to a life without boxes. Mostly it’s my kitchen that’s still packed up. I’m grateful for DashPass and GrubHub and even PostMates, but I’d like to be able to use the new stove for something other than heating bread. So, one week of unpacking boxes, then on to DRAGAN!

Happy March! I’ll be back next week, hopefully with no boxes staring at me as I write, but WITH a new giveaway. I’m going to watch either Bohemian Rhapsody or First Man next. Hmmmmm.

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