BOOKS ON SALE ……………………. (and work, work, work)

I expect to hear any day now that ADEN’s audio book has been released. I’ve listened to the entire book, and Nick J. Russo has done a super job.

LUCAS’s e-book is on sale for just $1.99, but only until July 31. Catch it while you can.

An update on the SHIFTER PLANET sale. The sale is from July 20-27, in CANADA and AUSTRALIA ONLY! Sorry about that … unless you live in Canada or Australia. Then it’s a great sale price for you!

Chester Bennington’s death hit me hard. His voice and beautiful lyrics absolutely speak to my soul. I saw them in concert the last time they were in L.A. We had front-row seats—this picture is one that I shot of Chester. We had tickets for their new tour this October. Music has lost an irreplaceable talent.

I’m writing, writing, writing these days. My blogs get boring when I’m in writing mode, because that’s all I do. I stay up all night every night, writing like crazy. Unfortunately, no one else keeps the same weird schedule as I do. The garage door guy, the tree guy, the sprinkler guy, the guy delivering my new office chair . . . everyone wants to ring my doorbell at 9:00 am. What the hell? I’m a night owl stuck in an early bird world!

Which means I’m going back to my Vampires now. You all have a great week!


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